Lasyapriya Sundaram (BOMBAY TIMES; August 13, 2017)

After his ouster as the Chairperson of the Central Board of Film Certification, Pahlaj Nihalani spoke to BT, stating that he was relieved with the decision to appoint a new head. He said, “The official communication of the end of my tenure is yet to reach me. Coincidentally, just like the news of my appointment came from the media, the information about the end of my tenure has also come from them. The Government has given a patient hearing to the people who were not happy with the functioning of the board and appointed a new head. I respect the decision and I have no regrets. I hope the new chief doesn't face the heat I faced during my tenure. The rule book according to which my team and I functioned doesn't have provisions for certification. I suggested recommendations after I had assumed office and even the Shyam Benegal Committee had submitted their report suggesting changes. Now, a 12-member committee has been appointed keeping the Shyam Benegal Committee recommendations in mind. Let me also add, I have enjoyed my tenure which was corruption-free. The elimination of the middlemen and online certification of films happened during my tenure. I worked according to the rules laid down by the Cinematograph Act (1952). People say that I am a RSS man, a BJP man and I am proud of it. They call me sanskari and they are right.“