(Crisp) Movie Review: OCEAN'S 8 by FENIL SETA

Ocean’s 8 is an enjoyable ride and it’s great to see a group of ladies attempting such a big heist so smoothly and wittily! However, the film is riddled with too many cinematic liberties. This has always been in the case of Ocean’s series but now it gets a bit too much. The last chapter of the film is a bit stretched and seems convenient. On the positive side, some characters are very interesting. And once the heist begins, the film gets really entertaining! The performances also make the film better. Anne Hathaway takes the cake for me. She essays her character quite well and completely seems like an air-headed celebrity. And she’s quite sizzling too. Sandra Bullock comes next. She has arguably the most screen time and performs with panache. Cate Blanchett’s entry scene is hilarious and is quite decent overall. Helena Bonham Carter gets to play the unconventional character and delivers a great performance. Rihanna is too good and love the way she oozes the care-a-damn attitude. Sarah Paulson has quite a late entry and is fair. Mindy Kaling is good but I expected more from her. Awkwafina has a great role and she kills it in the heist sequence. Definitely a one-time watch!
My rating - *** out of 5!

Race 3 collects 138.69 cr in Week 1

Race 3 Box Office Collection Day 6: थमने को तैयार नहीं 'रेस-3' की रफ्तार, 6 दिन में बटोरे इतने करोड़
Box Office India Trade Network

RACE 3 had good collections in the first week of close to 139 crore nett but the problem is going forward as the collections did drop on the weekdays. Normally the big event films clear HIT status in the first week itself but here the film is 40-45 crore nett short of that status and may find it difficult to earn that much after the first week.

Still the film also not a huge flop or something either. The content was poor but the collections are far better than the content as Eid has helped keeping the film afloat in the first week. It is pretty clear that these sorts which depend on twists and turns are never really going to get the numbers that are expected of superstars. This could easily have been an action revenge drama but its the RACE franchise so goes into the thriller side which makes the plot childish. This is okay for the first two RACE films as expectations are not of a blockbuster film.

The film has performed best in UP and Bihar where first week NETT collections in many centres could come out to be best ever outside BAAHUBALI 2: THE CONCLUSION. The collections of RACE 3 for the first week days are as follows
Friday - 27,69,00,000
Saturday - 36,25,00,000 apprx
Sunday - 37,00,00,000 apprx
Monday - 14,00,00,000 apprx
Tuesday - 9,50,00,000 apprx
Wednesday - 8,00,00,000 apprx
Thursday - 6,25,00,000 apprx
TOTAL - 1,38,69,00,000 apprx

Nick Jonas happy to stay at Priyanka Chopra's Juhu home

BOMBAY TIMES (June 23, 2018)

Priyanka Chopra and her alleged boyfriend Nick Jonas surprised fans and Mumbai’s paparazzi by making a sudden visit to the city on Thursday evening. The actress landed in Mumbai with Nick, an American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer. They tried to avoid the paps by taking an alternative exit from the airport. However, the duo were captured boarding Priyanka’s car, with window shades rolled up to dodge the photographers. According to a source, Nick went to Priyanka’s Juhu home.

The actress reportedly plans to have a house-warming party for a new house that she has bought in Versova. Nick is expected to attend the bash. This will also give him an opportunity to meet PeeCee’s mother (Madhu Chopra) and close friends.

The actress has already met Nick’s brother Kevin and his wife at his cousin’s wedding in Atlanta, has hung out with his friends and is currently following some of his family members on social media. Nick and Priyanka’s social media comments continue to fan speculations about their relationship. While the two have been spotted hanging out together in America on several occasions, this is the first time that Priyanka and Nick have appeared on the Indian shores.

Amidst rumours that the 25-year-old singer-songwriter has asked her to move in with him in LA, the actress flew into the country with her beau
Sanyukta Iyer and Natasha Coutinho (MUMBAI MIRROR; June 23, 2018) 

This East-meets-West love story seems straight out of a Bollywood movie. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas find themselves seated at the same table at a gala and get chatting. He asks her, “Hey, you wanna go together?” She agrees, and “it ended up working out”, so Priyanka told American comedian host Jimmy Kimmel when prodded on her blossoming relationship with the singer-songwriter Nick Jonas post the Met Gala after they walked in together and instantly set tongues wagging.

Though the couple has known each other for a while now, buzz is, things started getting serious at the engagement of Nick’s brother Joe with Sophie Turner last October. Over the last few weeks, since the curtains came down on her TV show Quantico, Nick and Priyanka have been inseparable, the 10-year age difference being of little consequence. In fact, the 25-year-old singer has apparently been telling pals that he loves it that his new girlfriend is older and more mature than his exes.

Close on the heels of reports that Nick has asked Priyanka to move in with him, she flew into the country in the early hours of Friday with her beau. Surprisingly, while in LA they have been clicked at concerts and ballgames together, they opted for some inexplicable cloak-and-dagger games the minute they stepped onto Indian soil at 4 am on Friday. Her mother’s car which had come to receive her and her guest was parked at an isolated spot at the airport and rolled up just five minutes before Priyanka stepped out, using a longer route and a different gate in an obvious attempt to give the paparazzi a miss. Two photographers managed to tail her to her residence but as soon as they were spotted, a black screen went up.

Late on Thursday when Mirror reached out to Priyanka’s mother, and quizzed her on the ‘Nick’ subject, Madhu Chopra said, “I don’t know who is spreading these stories. Somebody is starting these stories. I have really no idea about this. When I meet her (Priyanka) I will check with her.”

The 35-year-old-actress-producer is expected to start shooting for Ali Abbas Zafar’s period-drama Bharat, with Salman Khan, towards the end of July.

Her sudden visit back home has left many wondering — Is it to introduce Nick to her mother and take her blessings before the couple take their relationship further? Or to show him the sprawling Juhu home she bought over a year ago and has been renovating since? No one is telling. Mirror has learnt that PeeCee plans to host an intimate house warming celebration to introduce Nick to the extended family and her friends in Mumbai.

Sending paps into a tizzy, Priyanka Chopra brings down rumoured boyfriend Nick Jonas to Mumbai for a housewarming party
Sonil Dedhia (MID-DAY; June 23, 2018)

The rumoured romance that apparently began when they met at the Met Gala last year has reached desi shores - Priyanka Chopra flew down to India on Thursday night with Nick Jonas in tow. Understandably, the duo's arrival in Mumbai sent the paps, and their ardent fans into a tizzy. Hushed whispers suggest that besides getting a peek into his ladylove's life in India, the American singer is also keen to meet her mother, Dr Madhu Chopra, and hence the visit. It may be noted that Jonas' trip comes weeks after the actor attended his cousin's wedding in New Jersey and mingled with his family at the soiree.

It has been heard that Priyanka has planned a housewarming party - she purchased a sea-facing bungalow in Versova, a few years ago - to serve as the perfect occasion to introduce Jonas to her friends and family. A source reveals, "The party will take place over the weekend, and Nick will be the special guest of the evening. It will be an intimate affair with only her close friends in attendance. Last year was hectic for Priyanka as she had been shooting for the third season of Quantico in the US, leaving her little time for downtime. So, when talks of a housewarming party began, she felt it would be the perfect way to catch up with her near and dear ones."

It goes without saying that the rumoured couple will be the cynosure of all eyes at the evening. Within hours of landing in India, Priyanka and Jonas were spotted, hand-in-hand, heading out to a popular suburban restaurant for dinner with Madhu Chopra.

So, does Priyanka Chopra's mommy approve of rumoured boyfriend Nick Jonas?
The couple at Nick Jonas's cousin's wedding in early June. Inset: Dr Madhu Chopra

I would never fear getting married thinking my career might end-Alia Bhatt

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt
Nayandeep Rakshit (DNA; June 23, 2018)

Since her debut in Karan Johar’s Student Of The Year (2012), Alia Bhatt has maintained that she wanted to work with Ranbir Kapoor. Her long-cherished dream has finally come true. The two actors are romancing each other in Ayan Mukerji’s Brahmastra. Of course, the stories of their real-life romance have grabbed even more headlines than their reel love story. When we catch up with Alia, she talks at length about starring in the ambitious project with Ranbir, what she loves about him and explains why she would settle down only when she wants to. Over to her...

Brahmastra seems like a sci-fi superhero film. Do you play the damsel in distress in it?
It’s not a superhero film. Actually, it’s a supernatural flick. I’m not the damsel in distress. I’m the opposite in Brahmastra. This character is hugely inspiring for women, including me because I’m drawing a lot of strength from it. She is a young, powerful, brave yet vulnerable girl. There are so many beautiful layers to her character. She is aspirational, more so as a human being.

It’s going to be made into a three-part series? You have already shot for it. So, how has the experience been?
Yes, the plan is to make it into a trilogy. We’re hoping this one does really well. The first schedule, which we shot for, was a long extensive action-packed one. We are filming this month and then we go back to Bulgaria in July. Whatever we’ve shot has been a magical experience and something I’ve never done or even heard of before. It’s the sheer hard work of the team, beyond our involvement as actors, which is amazing. Ayan is a good friend and the kind of effort he’s put into this film, is more than even what a parent would do for their child. But Brahmastra requires this kind of attention because it’s larger than life. At the same time, it’s Indian at its core.

So much has been spoken about Ranbir and you. What is it about him that you like the most?
It’s been great working with him. It’s exactly how I imagined it to be. I’ve always thought that Ranbir is such an amazing actor. So, I hoped that his process to his art would also be equally beautiful. He’s the easiest actor as well as a human being I’ve worked with. I’m at times shocked at how chilled out he is (laughs). That doesn’t mean he’s detached. He’s just too positive and understands that there’s a flip side to everything. His attitude is like ki sab manage ho jayega. I’ve learnt a lot from that.

Do the stories about your link-up affect you?
The truth never bothers me. At the same time, even lies don’t affect me because if it’s not true, I don’t care. Link-up rumours don’t affect my relationships with people. We have gotten used to it because it is a part and parcel of being in the business and limelight. Everyone has things to say and you can’t get affected by them.

Do you think that marriage affects the longevity of a heroine’s career?
Anushka (Sharma) and Sonam (K Ahuja) are proving that married actresses can remain stars and they are doing it fearlessly, which is beautiful. I would like to be one of those people as well. I don’t think a good actor should be out of work because of their relationship status.

Would you settle down?
I would never fear getting married thinking my career might end. I will settle down if I want to. One should be able to have a career, regardless of being married or not.

Ranbir Kapoor doesn’t need anyone’s advice. He is very smart-Sonam Kapoor

Sonam K Ahuja with Ranbir Kapoor
Nayandeep Rakshit (DNA; June 23, 2018)

On November 9, 2007, three newcomers were introduced in the industry — Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor aka Sonam K Ahuja. While Ranbir and Sonam debuted together in Saawariya, they haven’t shared screen space since then. Now, they are teaming up for the second time, in Sanju, Rajkumar Hirani’s biopic on Sanjay Dutt.

While Sonam maintains that it was a ‘happy reunion of sorts’, she also tells us that contrary to speculations about them having a fall out, they always shared a good bond. She explains, “We were always in touch. We are friends. It’s just that we just didn’t get a film to do in between.” Ask her about that and she reasons, “He always does lead roles, I also want to do only leading parts. So, it never worked out.”

In the last few years, Ranbir has seen a lot of ups and downs. Did they discuss any of it while filming? Sonam denies, saying, “Ranbir doesn’t need anyone’s advice. He is very smart. He is also one of the finest actors we have in the industry today. Why does anyone need to tell him what he should do? He has also never really given me any advice.”

Sonam’s role in Sanju has been kept under wraps. She is playing a character which is a mix of several girlfriends that Dutt had in his younger days. She tells us, “I did Sanju because of two major reasons. I always want to work with great directors, who don’t reduce women to mere caricatures. Raju sir is someone I have always admired and I’m happy I got to do a small role in this biopic. Also, Sanjay sir and my dad have been friends; so I have known him since I was a kid.”

Since it’s a cameo, she is a part of the huge ensemble that Sanju boasts of, albeit with limited screen time. Sonam avers, “I don’t mind doing smaller roles as long as I have something to do in that screen time. Look at Bhaag Milkha Bhaag; where I played Biro who makes a difference to the leading man’s life. I can’t tell you what I play in Sanju, but it is definitely an important chapter of his life.”

Manish Malhotra decodes Janhvi Kapoor's Dhadak look

Janhvi Kapoor's Dhadak look decoded
Manish Malhotra on how he transformed Janhvi Kapoor into a Rajasthani girl for Dhadak
Mohar Basu (MID-DAY; June 23, 2018)

As Dhadak inches closer to release, one can see more of Janhvi Kapoor's elaborate desi look, carefully crafted by Manish Malhotra. Given that the story — an adaptation of Sairat (2016) — is set in Udaipur, Malhotra had the task of transforming the urbane Kapoor into a Rajasthani girl.

"I used styles that are inspired by the vivid culture of Rajasthan; you will see her donning printed kurtas with harem salwars and mal mal ghagras in vibrant hues. I kept her look fresh, while mixing multiple colours and prints in every outfit. My aim was to make her look completely different as it's her first film," says the ace designer, adding that her wardrobe had to undergo a dramatic shift in the second half. "The film goes in a realistic space where the characters face hardships, and this is reflected in her dressing."

That the film holds a special place in Malhotra's heart is obvious, considering the deep bond he shared with the late Sridevi. "Having worked with her mother since the beginning of my career, it brings me great joy to see Janhvi on the big screen. She will be an incredible actress and will make her mother proud."

Janhvi Kapoor and I were like Tom and Jerry on Dhadak sets-Ishaan Khatter

Neha Maheshwri (BOMBAY TIMES; June 23, 2018)

After winning accolades for his maiden film, Beyond The Clouds, Ishaan is all set for his next outing — Karan Johar’s Dhadak. The film, which is an adaptation of the Marathi hit Sairat, also marks the debut of Janhvi, the daughter of Boney Kapoor and late Sridevi.

Ever since the movie was announced, there has been a lot of buzz around the on-screen pairing of Ishaan and Janhvi. The trailer and the title track have further upped the anticipation, by giving the audience a glimpse of the duo’s onscreen chemistry. BT recently asked Ishaan about his off-screen equation with Janhvi, and he replied, “It’s been delightful working with her. In fact, Janhvi and I were like Tom and Jerry on the set (laughs!).”

His co-star, he added, was unintentionally funny. “She is a bit clumsy and unintentionally funny, which brings a smile on everyone’s face. Having said that, she is very dedicated, involved and sincere. She is as much in love with the film as I am,” Ishaan noted.

With his movie on the verge of release, we also asked Ishaan if he was getting pre-release jitters. “I know that there are a lot of expectations from this film. I feel the responsibility, but not pressure, as feeling pressurised can come in the way of work,” he said.

Vishal Bhardwaj's Chhuriyaan now titled Pataakha; to release on September 28

Radhika Madan and Sanya Malhotra (right) in Pataakha
Vishal Bhardwaj on his ‘phenomenal girls’, Sanya Malhotra and Radhika Madan, around whom his next comedy-drama film which will open on September 28 revolves, and the ‘amazing’ Sunil Grover
Natasha Coutinho (MUMBAI MIRROR; June 23, 2018)

Vishal Bhardwaj’s next, Pataakha, with Sanya Malhotra, Radhika Madan and Sunil Grover in the lead, opens on September 28. Based on Charan Singh Pathik’s short story, Do Behnein, it revolves around two sisters, Badki and Chhutki who grow up in a small village in Rajasthan and are constantly at war but when marriage separates them, they realise they can’t seem to live with or without each other.

The comedy-drama was earlier titled Chhuriyaan but Vishal admits that people would confuse it with Chhodiyaan or Chhoriyaan. “Pataakha goes with the spirit of the film which is like a firecracker. And I liked the sound too. The first half is complete, we have just 12 days of shoot left and leave for Mount Abu on June 29 for the final schedule,” informs Vishal, adding that they fixed on September 28 as the week has been lucky for him. “Both Haider and Talvar opened on October 2.”

Producer Ajay Kapoor says that he has wanted to be associated with Vishal Bhardwaj for a long time. “Vishal ji is a big brand, I love his cinema. When I heard the script, I fell in love with it. This is a different genre,” he says.

Meanwhile, the National award-winning filmmaker is all praise for his cast and in turn promises that they will spring a surprise. “We already knew that Sanya is a very good actor but Radhika was a revelation. She’s fantastic! And the rapport between the girls is phenomenal,” he says, recalling a fight sequence which they did like a real fight and hit each other. “But after the shot they would ask each other, ‘Lagi toh nahi.’ For me as a director it was liberating to work with new actors and a different energy.”

He says they had started with the pre-marriage portions, then, shifted to four years later where the girls have a child each. “They had to gain eight to 10 kgs which they did within a month. In one shot you see them weighing 50 kgs, in the very next shot as we fade out they are ten kgs heavier. It’s a great cinematic high!” says Vishal.

Ask him on Sunil who is known mainly for his comic gags and Vishal asserts that they will forget he was Gutthi and Dr Mashoor Gulati. “He’s the Narad muni of the film who instigates the fights between the sister and dabbles with a variety of professions. “Sometimes he’s selling cucumbers outside a school, another time he’s a sari seller. That’s enough for now, let’s leave the rest for the screen,” he adds.

Jacqueline Fernandez’s British film Definition Of Fear to release in India in August

Natasha Coutinho (MUMBAI MIRROR; June 23, 2018)

Jacqueline Fernandez’s British film, Definition Of Fear, which was shot in 2014–15 and did the rounds of a few film festivals is gearing up for release in India in August. Director James Simpson promises that the psychological horror will give you sleepless nights and raves about Jacqueline, who is “amazing” in it.

The film was shot in Ontario, Canada, and is about how fear can be manipulated and created and sometimes can be very real, too. It’s a story about four girls — Jacqueline, Katherine Barrell, Blythe Hubbard and Mercedes Papalia — who decide to spend a weekend at an isolated mansion deep in a forest. Their play at night with a Ouija board starts something they can’t control. Jacqueline, who plays a psychology student had told Mirror (Nov 11, 2014) earlier, “It’s about understanding what makes us afraid. Initially, we are in a controlled environment with noises created to evoke fear, but slowly we realise that we aren’t the only ones there.”

Will Rishi Kapoor do a qawwali in Prasthaanam?

Sanjay Dutt and Rishi Kapoor
DNA (June 23, 2018)

Two days ago, one saw pictures of Sanjay Dutt dropping by to meet Bollywood veteran Rishi Kapoor. The same evening, one heard that Ranbir Kapoor and his rumoured date, Alia Bhatt, were dining at Sanjay’s home, Imperial Heights in Pali Hill, Bandra.

While the interaction between Ranbir and Sanjay is attributed to the fact that RK Junior is playing Dutt in Rajkumar Hirani’s film Sanju, the media was keen to know more about Sanjay’s own bonding with RK Senior that is said to have taken place at Rishi’s Bandra residence.

The word on the street is that Sanjay reportedly put forward a request to Kapoor senior to do a qawwali in his home production Prasthaanam. Our source says, “Rishi sir has said yes. Now, the other modalities like the dates of the shoot are being worked out.”

Rishi and Sanjay share a close bond, so one isn’t surprised that he readily greed to do a guest appearance in a film that is being produced by Maanayata Dutt.

The Kapoors and the Dutts have always shared mutual respect for each other. Back in the day, Nargis Dutt worked in movies under the RK Films’ banner. The relationship was further cemented when Ranbir was chosen to play Sanjay in a biopic on the 58-year-old superstar.

Rishi Kapoor’s qawwali repertoire

Hai Agar Dushman Zamana (Hum Kisise Kum Nahin; 1977)

Parda Hai Parda (Amar Akbar Anthony; 1977)

Shirdiwale Sai Baba (Amar Akbar Anthony;1977)

Kaisa Parda Hai (Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan; 1978)

Pari Ho Aasmaani Tum (Zamane Ko Dikhana Hai; 1981)

Eid Ka Din (Deedar-E-Yaar; 1982)

Yeh Ishq Nahin Aasaan (Yeh Ishq Nahin Aasaan; 1984)

Der Na Ho Jaaye (Henna; 1991)

Shah Ka Rudba (Agneepath; 2012)

Murshid Khele Holi (D-Day; 2013)