Marjaavaan collects 30.75 cr in 4 days; Motichoor Chaknachoor collects 1.60 cr

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MARJAAVAAN had a decent Tuesday as it collected 3.50 crore nett and took its five day total to almost 31 crore nett. There is a 15% drop on Tuesday but that is okay as its only 50% down from day one on Tuesday when that could have easily have happened on Monday.

The first week should be around 37 crore nett or close to it and then there will be the crucial second Friday. The film is doing well in UP, Bihar, MP, Rajasthan and Maharashtra and its going to be how well the film can hold screens there. The film has the best single screens in these areas and PAGALPANTI will also want these single screens which could mean that MARJAAVAAN goes to the lesser collecting single screens in these circuits.

The collections of MARJAAVAAN till date are as follows.
Friday - 7,00,00,000 apprx
Saturday - 7,00,00,000 apprx
Sunday - 9,75,00,000 apprx
Monday - 4,00,00,000 apprx
Tuesday - 3,50,00,000 apprx
TOTAL - 30,75,00,000 apprx

MOTICHOOR CHAKNACHOOR will collect a little over 2 crore nett in its first week.

The collections of MOTICHOOR CHAKNACHOOR are as follows.
Friday - 30,00,000 apprx
Saturday - 50,00,000 apprx
Sunday - 60,00,000 apprx
Monday - 20,00,000 apprx
Tuesday - 20,00,000 apprx
TOTAL - 1,80,00,000 apprx

Housefull 4 collects 203.38 cr in 26 days

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HOUSEFULL 4 is looking at a fourth week of around 3.75 crore nett as it has collected 3.35 crore nett in five days of its fourth week. The total collections so far are 203 crore nett plus and it should end the week at around 204 crore nett. There is a drop in week four with collections down 75% plus while the drop in the third week was around 66%.

The film is a SUPER HIT film and the fourth biggest HIT of the year after KABIR SINGH, WAR and URI. The only thing that remains to be seen is that can the film beat the NETT collections of GOLMAAL AGAIN which is the top comedy film. But this drop in week four and PAGALPANTI coming this week, which is for the same crowd, may make it tough as it will be on limited cinemas in week four.

The collections of HOUSEFULL 4 till date are as follows.
Week One - 1,35,86,00,000 
Second Week - 48,07,00,000
Friday - 2,00,00,000 apprx
Saturday - 3,00,00,000 apprx
Sunday - 4,50,00,000 apprx
Monday - 1,75,00,000 apprx
Tuesday - 2,50,00,000 apprx
Wednesday - 1,20,00,000 apprx
Thursday - 1,30,00,000 apprx
Third Week - 16,25,00,000 apprx
Friday - 45,00,000 apprx
Saturday - 75,00,000 apprx
Sunday - 1,40,00,000 apprx
Monday - 35,00,000 apprx
Tuesday - 30,00,000 apprx
Fourth Week - 3,25,00,000 apprx (5 days)
TOTAL - 2,03,38,00,000 apprx

Italian actor's speech cut short as Amitabh Bachchan made an entry at IFFI 2019

Avinash Lohana (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 21, 2019)

The opening ceremony of the 50th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) flagged off in Goa at the Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee stadium on Wednesday. Among the first guests to arrive on the red carpet was Karan Johar, who hosted the ceremony, followed by Rajinikanth, who was honoured with the ‘Icon of the Golden Jubilee’ Award and rushed in without stopping for a byte.

Soon after, Amitabh Bachchan who had skipped the Kolkata International Film Festival following a health scare, strode in with the Chief Minister of Goa, Pramod Sawant. Immediately, Gabriele Donnini, an actor from the opening Italian film, Despite The Fog, who was explaining why it was an important film, was cut short in mid-sentence as the hosts turned to effusively welcome the Big B. The 77-year-old actor spoke about his 50-year run in Hindi cinema and reminisced about shooting his debut film, Saat Hindustani, in Goa.

Among the other guests were filmmakers Ramesh Sippy, Subhash Ghai, Madhur Bhandarkar, Nitesh Tiwari, Siddharth Roy Kapur, Priyadarshan and Rahul Rawail. Foreign dignitaries, included director of Despite The Fog, Goran Paskaljevic, and Lifetime Achievement Awardee French actress Isabelle Huppert. The former had not prepared a speech but appealed everyone to see his film which revolves around the crisis of minor refugees in Europe. “Happy to be here even though we’ve slept for just three hours,” he joked.

The event kick-started with a tribute to former Goa CM Manohar Parrikar, followed by the lamp being lit. Singer-composer Shankar Mahadevan’s fusion act blended the rhythms of India with international beats. His performance, which also included “Breathless” got a standing ovation from Minister of Information & Broadcasting, Prakash Javadekar, Bachchan, Rajinikanth and the audience present there. His closing act also included “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” in the presence of original arranger Louis Banks.

Rajinikanth received his award from the Big B, whom he called his “inspiration,” and dedicated it to his producers, directors, technicians and his fans. The Thalaiva, along with the ministers, then honoured Bachchan who, in his thank you speech, admitted that both Rajini and he give each other advice.

“It’s a separate topic that we never listen to it. However, we still advice each other, as I feel relationships are made of this,” he stated.

Nagarjuna turns archaeologist for Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt-starrer Brahmastra

Himesh Mankad (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 21, 2019)

Mirror was the first to report (November 1) that Shah Rukh Khan has a cameo in Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s Brahmastra for which the actor shot portions against a green screen at a city studio last week. Now, we have learnt that Nagarjuna also has a special turn in the fantasy action-adventure. He plays an archaeologist and has already shot in Varanasi in June.

The South actor filmed extensively in the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, the Chet Singh Fort and on the banks of Ganga for the Karan Johar production. “Nagarjuna’s character, along with his students, underertakes an expedition to restore an ancient temple along the banks of the Ganga,” reveals a source.

The Ayan Mukerji directorial, which revolves around the most powerful weapon, features Ranbir as Shiva, a guy-nextdoor who can emit fire from his hands, and Alia as his love interest, Isha. Buzz is, Amitabh Bachchan plays Shiva’s guru in the film.

“An important event leads Shiva and Isha to Nagarjuna,” the source informs, adding that the story unfolds in the ancient temple city before moving to the Himalayas.

The film’s antagonists, Mouni Roy and Saurav Gurjar, also come into play because of Nagarjuna’s track. “The adventure kicks-off after all of them come face-to-face in Varanasi. A high-octane action sequence featuring them was shot earlier in the year,” the source concludes.

Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jesia granted divorce

Sharmeen Hakim (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 21, 2019)

Twenty-one years after two dizzy-in-love supermodels, Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jesia, tied the knot, a family court in Bandra granted them divorce by mutual consent on Tuesday.

Principal judge Shailaja Sawant granted the couple divorce under the Special Marriage Act, nearly six months after they had approached the court to dissolve their marriage, by consent, on April 30, 2019. While the exact terms of the divorce are yet to be known, the couple’s two daughters will reside with their mother at their duplex in Bandra.

Reports of a split between the couple first emerged in 2011, but it was only on May 28, 2018 that they officially announced their separation, four months after Arjun moved out of their shared home into a rented 2 BHK.

Interfaith marriages are registered under the Special Marriage Act, and any plea for divorce by mutual consent requires the couple to reside separately for a year before they approach the court. “After a petition for divorce by mutual consent is filed, their plea is scrutinised, registered and then, the couple is referred to a marriage counsellor to attempt a reconciliation. If that fails, the couple is given six more months to work things out. Six months later, if they are resolute in their decision to part ways and have complied with the terms of divorce mutually agreed to between them, a court draws up a decree of divorce,” an official from Bandra family court told Mirror.

The actor-turned-producer who will turn 47 within a week, had a son, Arik, with South African model Gabriella Demetriades on July 18, this year. When contacted for a comment, he said, “Why would I want to talk about it? Why is it anyone’s business? I don’t want to talk about it.” Mehr did not respond to either our texts or calls.

My father and I are control freaks. It’s in a good way-Ira Khan

Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan talks about making her debut as a theatre director
Hasti Doshi (BOMBAY TIMES; November 21, 2019)

Ira Khan, daughter of actor Aamir Khan, is all set to debut as a director with a Greek theatrical play, Medea. In an interview with BT, the 22-year-old talks about her future plans, which include working in Bollywood and directing her father. Excerpts...

Your father is an actor and we usually see children following in their parent’s footsteps. But you have chosen to be a director. Was acting never on your mind?
I have always been very clear about wanting to get into direction. I do not want to act, as I don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera. Also, I don’t think I am a very good actor. Had I wanted to be one, I would have worked towards it, but I feel that production and direction are more interesting.

What were your childhood aspirations?
They still keep changing. There was a time when I wanted to be a painter, and then a teacher. At one point, I wanted to play football professionally. Then there was a phase when I wanted to be a photographer; in fact, I recently got myself a camera. I have even thought of becoming a farmer and setting up an animal shelter. In short, you name it and I have thought of taking it up as a career!

Having so many aspirations, at what point did you decide to be a director?
I haven’t decided yet, as I am going to be multiple things in life, and for now, I am into direction. I used to be a part of inter-college plays and had even directed this play when I was in college in the Netherlands. When I came back to Mumbai, I took up production work and one day, when I was at Prithvi theatre, I just felt that this stage was perfect to direct Medea. I chose this particular story because its plot and characters are interesting. The story does not belong to this age, yet the issues discussed in it are relevant even today.

How involved are your parents (Aamir and Reena) in your career?
They pretty much let us decide what we want to do. They just make sure that we are doing something good and not just sitting on a couch and watching TV. If there are any questions or suggestions, I do ask them, but otherwise, we are free to choose our own path.

If you get into movies, which genre would you like to direct?
Anything but horror (laughs!). I am very scared of horror films, so I don’t want to touch that genre. I would love to direct an action film.

Any particular actor you would like to work with?
It’s interesting how every time I watch a film, I think of how I would make the actors do certain scenes. So far, there’s no one actor on my mind, I’m excited to direct anybody at this point.

Do you wish to direct your father some day?
Maybe some day, when I have a better understanding of the craft. Working with somebody you know personally can be complicated, and that’s not specifically for my dad, but applies to everyone. I want to be sure of myself before I work with my dad because he is really well read, like everybody else in the family. So, when I’m sure about myself, I will think about directing him.

Being so young, how do you handle actors or difficult situations on the set?
Everybody has been nice to me on the set and they have all taken me seriously. I was worried initially, but there have been no such issues. As long as I am making sense and know what I am talking about, I don’t think that actors really care if I’m young or not.

What is that one quality you have picked up from your father?
My father and I are control freaks. It’s in a good way and I don’t mind being one. Once we are given some work or project, we are focused on it and forget everything else around. Like right now, I am directing this play and that’s all I have been doing for the past few months.

We hear your brother Junaid is interested in acting, is it true?
Yes, he is interested in acting.

You have been quite open about your relationship with musician Mishaal Kirpalani on social media...
I am okay talking about it. These things depend on individuals, whether they want to be open or not is their choice.

I’ve tried to show the human side of Karanveer Singh Dogra-Aditya Datt

Aditya Datt on taking the action franchise forward and avoiding cliches
Hiren Kotwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 21, 2019)

Six years after your last directorial, Table No 21. How did you land Commando 3?
Vidyut (Jammwal) happened to see Table No 21 and sent a message across saying he’d liked it. We met and while discussing films, he asked my take on action. I told him I’d love to explore the genre. I guess when he and Vipul sir (producer Vipul Shah) discussed making Commando 3, my name cropped up. Vipul sir narrated the plot, after which I gave my inputs. They liked my idea of a different narrative, in terms of tonality, look and treatment, from the first two films. My moot point was that the narrative had to be as strong as the action. I wanted our film to be in a more believable space and not have the protagonist randomly beating people. I’ve tried to show the human side of Karanveer Singh Dogra which wasn’t explored in the first two outings. Even the camerawork in action sequences is distinct.

The film talks of communal amity but several filmmakers have addressed the same issue.
You will see that we’re not doing that in a clich├ęd way. As we saw recently, there were no disruptions after the Ayodhya verdict. That’s the spirit of our film too.

Vidyut must have given you a few heart-in-the-mouth moments with his stunts?
We extensively discussed how we could go about designing the thrills. There were many heartin-the-mouth moments. While shooting the scene where he jumps from one balcony to the next, there was pin-drop silence on the set. We had a crash-mat below, but there were quite a few things he could have hit his head on along the way. And to add to the tension, we had to get the scenes done in maximum two takes, even when we were shooting with multiple cameras.

As the grandson of lyricist Anand Bakshi, what’s your take on recreating yesteryear hits?
The last eight recreated hits which did well were all his songs. “Aankh Marey”, “Gali Gali Mein Phirta Hai”, “Paisa Yeh Paisa”… I’m delighted and proud the Gen Next who probably haven’t heard the original songs are grooving to the remixes, and that includes my 11-year-old son. Now, not only does he know that his great grandfather wrote “Aankh Maarey”, when he sees Ranveer Singh dancing to it, he finds the song cool.

I had to just look at Akshay Kumar and smile, but I couldn’t get it right-Mouni Roy

As told to Himesh Mankad (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 21, 2019)

After becoming a household name on TV with shows like Naagin and Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, I waited to move to films, knowing it would happen only if something substantial came my way. When the casting director of Gold called me for the audition, though I was keen, the timing clashed with my schedule. However, since they were close by, she suggested I dash over during lunch break.

I went to audition draped in my mother’s cotton saree. It went well but I didn’t hear from them for the next two months. Then all of a sudden, I was called to meet Reema ma’am (Reema Kagti, director). I was so excited at the prospect of meeting an intelligent woman like her that I pushed the shoot of my show even though there was no guarantee that I would land the role.

After a brief chat, she took me to Akshay sir’s (Akshay Kumar) office. Imagine my surprise when together they chortled, “Welcome to Gold.” I was later told that I was playing a Bengali girl, Monobina Das, married to Akshay sir’s character Tapan. Being a Bengali helped, but the challenge was to play someone who isn’t fluent in Hindi. My mom’s Hindi is terrible and that came to my rescue. Talking to her helped me perfect my bad pronunciation.

I had multiple script reading sessions but being on the set was a different experience altogether. The set-up was completely different from TV. A lot of time went into setting up a scene. On the first day, I had to shoot for the song “Monobina” with Akshay sir and the entire hockey team. I was thrilled, excited and very nervous. I had met Akshay sir only once before and was quite starstruck. For my first shot, I had to just look at him and smile, but I couldn’t get it right. It was like my jaw was stuck!

Being a real gentleman, he came to my rescue, going out of his way to make me comfortable. After a while, my nervousness subsided and I was on the way…

I know what Karan Johar is trying to make with Takht-Anil Kapoor

Karan Johar and Anil Kapoor
Ready for his first-period drama, Anil Kapoor explains why Karan Johar is a perfect fit for Takht.
Sonil Dedhia (MID-DAY; November 21, 2019)

Enjoying a three-decade-long career implies that Anil Kapoor has explored almost every genre. While a period drama was missing from his filmography, the actor will try his hand at the genre with Karan Johar's ambitious project, Takht, which will reportedly see him essaying the role of Shahjahan. Well-aware of the preparation that a magnum opus requires, Kapoor believes Johar is one of the few filmmakers who can pull off the feat.

"I have never done a film on such an epic scale before. There are certain filmmakers who do their homework, which makes the actor's job easy. Karan is one of them. He directs one movie in five years, so I know what he is trying to make with Takht. I wouldn't want to interfere in the process. He is putting in a lot of hard work in the script," says Kapoor of the Mughal drama that has a stellar cast of Ranveer Singh, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt, Vicky Kaushal, Bhumi Pednekar and Janhvi Kapoor.

If you can be choosy, that’s great. Sonam does what the heart says-Anil Kapoor

Father Anil Kapoor addresses speculations that Sonam has slowed pace on films because she plans to go the family way
Rishabh Suri (HINDUSTAN TIMES; November 21, 2019)

This year marked 36 years since Anil Kapoor joined Bollywood, and the actor continues to rule the hearts and box office figures. Besides being a successful actor, Anil is a proud father to three industrious kids — Sonam and Harsh Varrdhan, who are both actors, and Rhea, who is a producer.

Sonam K Ahuja was the first in the family to follow daddy’s footsteps to join Bollywood, but unlike her contemporaries has done fewer films. Speculations are rife that she is slowing her professional pace as she plans to go the family way with husband Anand S Ahuja. Reacting to rumours, Anil says, “It’s not the question of… family is important, but Sonam has always been selective. For her, to balance her priorities are much easier. She always had a lot of time. After Neerja (2016), which was a blockbuster, she didn’t do a film for one year! She waits for the right film and role to come to her, and then does it. That has really helped her balance her professional and personal life. She hasn’t slowed down. Lot of films are being offered to her, but she has only said yes to filmmaker Sujoy Ghosh.”

Anil feels that his daughter has been fortunate to be able to be selective. “In the last 11 years of her career, she has hardly done any films. If you can be choosy, that’s great. She does what the heart says.” Anil says his children are unique in their own way. He says,“Harsh watches world cinema; he knows a lot. He is carving his journey. Sonam is a voracious reader, and that comes across in her films. Rhea doesn’t watch films. She doesn’t want any other film to influence her. That’s why she comes up with something straight from the heart.”

The Pagalpanti actor has shown his acting prowess in both Indian and international films. And, he is now set to enter the historical space with Karan Johar’s ambitious epic Takht with Ranveer Singh. “I’ve given three look tests. Karan is working hard, and is excited about the film. I will be working with a lot of people for the first time, including Vicky Kaushal. We look forward to spending time with Janhvi (Kapoor, his niece). Besides being Karan’s most ambitious project, the fact that we are doing a film together is also very important,” he adds.