The Tashkent Files collects 16.46 cr in 40 days

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THE TASHKENT FILES continues to run in its sixth week and has collected 16.50 crore nett till date and will probably add another 1 crore nett or so.  The difference between this film and others like LIPSTICK UNDER MY BURKHA and NEWTON which had similar runs is its the film alone doing it here. These type of films work in just a few theatres and need support to work. Nobody really reads reviews but the 4 or 5 stars which people see in major publications are of utmost importance for such small films to even stand a chance at the box office. This film has somehow managed a run without these four and five stars.

The business of THE TASHKENT FILES till date is as follows.
Week One - 3,49,00,000
Week Two -  4,17,00,000
Week Three - 3,71,00,000
Week Four  - 2,83,00,000
Week Five - 1,66,00,000
Week Six - 60,00,000 apprx (5 Days)
TOTAL -  16,46,00,000 apprx

De De Pyaar De collects 47.35 cr in 5 days

De De Pyaar De Box Office Collection Day 3: Ajay Devgn, Tabu And Rakul Preet's Film 'Witnesses Growth'
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DE DE PYAAR DE is looking to be a HIT film as it held up very well on Monday with collections in the 5.75-6 crore nett range. The drop is around 25-30% from the first day which is strong trending. The collections after four days including paid previews nearly 42 crore nett and it should remain steady over the rest of the weekdays.

The first week is looking to be 57 crore nett apprx which is a good total and a great result considering day one was not more than 8 crore nett. The best business of the film is going to come from Delhi NCR and East Punjab though the latter might be affected by Punjabi releases on Friday. The collections in places like UP, Rajasthan and CI were low over the weekend but have held steady on Monday though at low levels. these markets had lower drops than the bigger circuits as they were low on Friday.

It will be the second Friday which will confirm the HIT status because due to the below par first weekend it cant afford to drop 40-50% from Thursday especially with the competition not being too strong.

The collections of DE DE PYAAR DE till date are as follows.
Thursday - 1,25,00,000 apprx
Friday - 8,25,00,000 apprx
Saturday - 12,50,00,000 apprx
Sunday - 14,00,00,000 apprx
Monday - 5,85,00,000 apprx
TOTAL - 41,85,00,000 apprx

In the longer run the run will be hindered after three and a half weeks with the release of Bharat so solid week two and week three numbers are essential.
DE DE PYAAR DE remained steady on Tuesday and hardly showed a drop as it collected 5.50 crore nett and took its five day numbers to over 47 crore nett. It should be able to add another 10 crore nett over the next two days for a first week total of 57 crore nett. There is sometimes a drop on Wednesday but at these levels it should not come.

The first week business will not be much lower than Raid which did nearly 60 crore nett but had a better start on the first day. This film has the chances to do better than Raid post the first week especially in week two and week three as Delhi NCR is super strong and this market holds very well for a film which has been appreciated like DE DE PYAAR DE.

The likes of Rajasthan, CI and Gujarat are holding over the weekdays though being a multiplex film they will end up doing AVERAGE business which is more than good enough for this film.

The collections of DE DE PYAAR DE till date are as follows.
Thursday - 1,25,00,000 apprx
Friday - 8,25,00,000 apprx
Saturday - 12,50,00,000 apprx
Sunday - 14,00,00,000 apprx
Monday - 5,85,00,000 apprx
Tuesday - 5,50,00,000 apprx
TOTAL - 47,35,00,000 apprx

In the longer run the run will be hindered after three and a half weeks with the release of Bharat so solid week two and week three numbers are essential.

Student of The Year 2 collects 61.18 cr in 11 days

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STUDENT OF THE YEAR 2 continued its low second week run on Monday with collections of 1.15 crore nett. the drop is not much from the second Friday but that drop on the second Friday hit the film badly. the second week business is heading to around 9.75-10 crore nett and lifetime to around 66-67 crore nett.

The collections of STUDENT OF THE YEAR 2  till date are as follows. .
Week One 54,03,00,000 
Friday - 1,50,00,000 apprx
Saturday - 2,00,00,000 apprx
Sunday - 2,50,00,000 apprx
Second Weekend - 6,00,00,000 apprx
Monday - 1,15,00,000
TOTAL - 61,18,00,000 apprx

Kalank is a super-hit in the United Kingdom; collects approx 8.65 cr and counting

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KALANK which has flopped in India has proved to be SUPER HIT film in the United Kingdom. The film is the ninth highest grossing film in the market over the last three and a half years (2016 - 2019) and it ranks up there with some very successful films.

Its a weird situation that a film totally rejected by the Indian audience has emerged a huge hit in the hardest market for Hindi films in recent times. A £500k total for Hindi films has become a task in this market today when it was achieved regularly a decade back. This is mainly due to loyalty cards from the big chains which leads to discounted amount given as the gross when the loyalty cards are used. Kalank has somehow managed to do business in the United Kingdom and will finish very close to the £1 million mark which has been achieved by only 8 films in since 2016.

PADMAAVAT deserves credit for the £2 million plus business which came outside Xmas and Eid which are the best periods for Hindi film business as this can be seen most of the films below are Xmas or Eid releases.

The top ten grossers in the United Kingdom since 2016 are as follows with the verdicts for UK market.
1. Dangal - £2,563,000 (Blockbuster)
2. Padmaavat - £2,187,000 (Blockbuster)
3. Sultan  - £1,788,000 (Super Hit)
4. Tiger Zinda Hai - £1,781,000 (Super Hit)
5. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil  - £1,473,000 (Super Hit)
6.  Sanju - £1,345,000 (Super Hit)
7. Raees - £1,327,000 (Super Hit)
8. Race 3 - £1,174,000 (Hit)
9. Kalank - £980,000 (Super Hit) (still running)
10. Bahubali - The Conclusion - £846,000 (Blockbuster) 

Who am I? Even I don’t know myself-Salman Khan

Salman Khan admits he has changed a lot over the years, opens up about future projects, joking that Dabangg will stop at 743rd instalment
Roshmila Bhattacharya (MUMBAI MIRROR; May 22, 2019)

He’s the boss even in a makeshift shamiana in the parking lot of a city studio. The night is young, and the mood is mellow. As he gears up to embark on a six-decade cinematic journey, Salman Khan, as always, is full of surprises. He cracks jokes with a straight face, shares changes that he’s noticed in himself without the slightest discomfiture and reveals plans that sound impossible but with Salman you can never tell. Excerpts from an interview:

Your director Ali Abbas Zafar has said that Bharat is a film that could only be made with you because of the beautiful relationship you share with your father (Salim Khan)?
Everyone shares a beautiful relationship with their parents. So, this film could have been made with anyone and they would have done complete justice to the film because the script is so beautiful. Ab bolne ke liye it can be said that because I share a beautiful relationship with my father, mother, sisters, brothers and friends I was the only choice but the fact is that had anyone else done it, it would have turned out just this way, maybe better.

It’s an official adaptation of a Korean film, Ode To My Father…
We’ve taken the rights of that film, but it’s changed a lot. Their culture is different from ours and when you adapt it, scenes change, moments change, the screenplay changes. But the plot has remained the same.

Having written stories and screenplays yourself, what was it about this one that caught your attention?
My visual of this film is that of two old men standing together at the end with tears in their eyes. Beta bhi buddha, baap aur buddha.. Since the age of nine, this guy has been waiting for something like this to happen…

Ali says he now has a two-hero script for a film which he’d like to make with Shah Rukh Khan and you.
I don’t know anything about this. At the moment there’s only Bharat.

What does the word Bharat mean to you?
It means my country, the country I love, and what I can do for it.

Every year on Eid you come with a film which is like a gift... an Eidi for your fans.
Films arrive during every festival, whenever one is ready, aa jaate hain. Dabangg 3 will come this Christmas and I’ve had releases during Diwali too. It’s just a coincidence that some of my films have opened around this time which makes people say that Eid is booked by Salman Khan. Arre any actor can come during the festival, it’s a good date, a holiday, when people have got their salaries and their bonuses. Since this is the only entertainment we have, they come flocking to see their favourite heroes. It’s strange, when you are watching something on the digital platform, you watch alone, but when it’s a film, you always take family or friends along. Picture sab saath mein baith ke dekhte hain aur isse bonding ho jaati hai theatre ke andar.

What kind of films did you grow up watching?
The kind of films I’m making right now, and I went to the theatres to watch them. And believe me, the best kind of marketing for a film is still in-theatre promotion. The posters we saw in the foyer and the trailers we waited for, are what draw cinegoers. People come to the theatres to watch films all the time and for them posters must be tangaoed and trailers chalaoed so they know what’s arriving next.

There’s another Korean film, Veteran, around a detective and a crime syndicate…
Yeah, it’s an outstanding film. Atul (producer brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri) has acquired the rights of both Ode To My Father and Veteran.

Will you feature in the Hindi adaptation of Veteran too?
We will see about that.

Dabangg 3 traces how neighbourhood rowdy Chulbul became Inspector Robinhood Pandey. What triggered off the idea of a prequel?
The plot was in our minds when we were writing Dabangg.

So the franchise was conceived as a three-part series.
No, the first and the second parts which were linked lead up to the third. It was like iske baad yeh hoga aur third mein yeh hona chahiye.

So there’s going to be a Dabangg 4, 5,6… Where do you stop?
We will stop at (after pondering for a moment) Dabangg 743.

It will spin for 700 years?
(With a naughty twinkle) No, we will finish everything now.

Ek saal mein kitne aayenge?
(Smiling) Aa jayenge.

The TV show, Bigg Boss, has become synonymous with you but buzz is, you will not be hosting this season. True?
I wish it were true but I’m doing it.

What do you enjoy about getting people into the house every year?
I don’t enjoy it. Endemol and Colors enjoy picking up people and putting them in the house who I have to then deal with. Sometimes I enjoy it, sometimes I don’t enjoy it, not at all. But I get to learn a lot from them.

Would you allow anyone to lock you into a house like that?
I would never allow it, but unfortunately, I don’t have a choice. They do come and pick me up and block me.

Not anymore…
No? I hope not.

As an actor you’re always playing characters written for you, in the process don’t you lose sight of the real Salman Khan?
People write different characters for me and I think I am doing them differently, but they all turn out the same. That’s my speciality! Kitna bhi different le kar aao, they all end up looking alike.

As Ali says, even when you are playing a character, Salman Khan doesn’t disappear 100 per cent. Perhaps that’s what your fans like…
They come to see Salman Khan, but they need to see who I really am. Who am I? Even I don’t know myself. I have no idea.

So you see a lot of changes in Salman today from the one who did Maine Pyar Kiya?
Oh, yes.

But your director, Sooraj Barjatya, says he saw the same “beautiful soul” of Maine Pyar Kiya a quarter of a century later in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo…
Sooraj sees what he is in others. He has not lost his innocence and his niceness. But I know that naivety in me disappeared a long time ago. I see a huge change in me and that’s how it should be. You can’t have the same innocence at this age, you will look like an idiot.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali who is reuniting with you on Inshallah after almost two decades mentioned that you simply picked up from where you had left off…
That’s how it should be, whenever he and I meet, there is this connect It’s just not an actor-director relationship. Just because he was working with other actors, it didn’t have to hamper or spoil our equation. I work with other directors too, so should he. Now we will be collaborating on this very sweet love story.

The film pairs you with one of the most promising young talents we’ve had in recent years…
See how she’s turned it around, from a student to now, it’s beautiful! And no one can take credit for her growth except Alia Bhatt herself. Jo bhi bole humne usko banaya hai, is not to be believed. It’s Alia who has honed her talent.

What’s it like to be working with this bundle of talent?
A godown of talent will be meeting with a bundle of talent… (Laughs) Actually there’s no talent here.

Tiger Zinda Hai 3 is expected to start soon...
It might, I’ve still to hear the script. Right now, I have two films.

Will Katrina Kaif return?
Of course. Dabangg will always have Sonakshi (Sinha), Jackie (Jacqueline Fernandez) will always be a part of Kick and Tiger can never be made without Katrina.

Talking of Jacqueline you brought art into her life…
(Smiles) Yeah, she was painting a lot during Race 3.

Planning to share some of your paintings with the world?
There’s just no time to paint now but in around three months time I’ll have an exhibition for sure.

What about your other ventures? There was talk of you starting a restaurant…
Restaurant? No, that’s not on the cards, but we are retailing in clothing, jewellery, gyms and equipment, with the focus being on quality and durability. Mashallah, all the ventures are doing well with plans of getting much bigger.

As a producer you recently gave your nod to a romcom revolving around a wedding to be directed by Rohit Naiyar…
Rohit was the assistant director on two films I’d done with Raj Kanwar. Minutes into the narration I stood up and began laughing. It’s one of the funniest scripts I have heard.

Your wedding has become a national concern….
Yeah, I think I should announce it on May 23… (Laughs)

Seriously, any plans?
Not for some time.

And children? You love them…
(Smiles) I want children, but with children comes the mother. I don’t want the mother, but they need one. But I have a whole village to take care of them. Maybe I can work out a win-win situation for everyone.

Shah Rukh Khan's next with Netflix to be based on Indian politics?

Shah Rukh Khan's next with Netflix to be based on Indian politics?
Sonil Dedhia (MID-DAY; May 22, 2019)

Shah Rukh Khan appears to be steadily contributing to the Netflix library. After bankrolling the eight-episode espionage series, Bard Of Blood, featuring Emraan Hashmi, and Bobby Deol-starrer Class Of 83, the superstar has another thriller on offer for the streaming giant. mid-day has it that Khan's production house Red Chillies Entertainment is apparently developing a thriller that has its roots in current day politics.

A source reveals, "The series traces the political climate of the country between 2000 and 2019, including the equation between two rival parties. It will be a mix of fiction and real-life events, and will be designed along the lines of a thriller. A team of renowned political columnists have been roped in, and they are currently giving shape to the material, keeping the demands of the global audience in mind. The cast and director will be locked only once the script is ready."

Besides the three offerings, Khan has inked a deal with the OTT platform that makes it the streaming destination for his existing library of films as well as future movies.

Kartik Aaryan wants a man who looks like Aditya Roy Kapur for his bestie Jacqueline Fernandez

Natasha Coutinho (MUMBAI MIRROR; May 22, 2019)

Kartik Aaryan and Jacqueline Fernandez, the new best friends in B-town, appeared on a chat show together during which host Neha Dhupia put the actress in a spot, prodding her on her relationship status. Always candid, Jackie asserted that she is currently single and went on to reveal some terrible experiences she has had in the past in matters of the heart.

She shared, that when she was a teenager, she caught her first love cheating on her. “He then dumped me. It was like a double whammy. My first boyfriend was my worst ex, he was terrible!” she shuddered.

When asked to pick a more suitable boy for his bestie, Kartik quipped, “He should look like Aditya Roy Kapur.” Huh? When Neha quizzed him on this Mr Right’s financial status, he retorted, “I don’t think she needs a bank balance, she already has so much.” However, he was quick to add, “The man’s IQ should match that of Salman Khan.”

Jackie, on her part, went on to reveal on the Colors Infinity show that besides Kartik, her other best friends are Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor, along with Sajid Nadiadwala and Sujoy Ghosh. Speaking about Sonam, she informed that after seeing a film of her, her friend was quick with her feedback. “It’s not like she’s harsh or anything, rather her criticism is very constructive.”

She added that even Kartik constantly advised her on what aspects of her craft she should work on and had even recommended some really good teachers to help her polish up on her dialect and performances. “I’ve often gone to him for advice,” she admitted.

Interestingly, the buddies were to feature in the Hindi remake of the Kannada campus drama, Kirik Party. But Kartik opted out over date issues. 

After uproar, Vivek Oberoi deletes tweet about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan; apologizes

Divya Kaushik (BOMBAY TIMES; May 22, 2019)

After making headlines over the delay of his upcoming film on PM Modi, Vivek Anand Oberoi has again landed in a controversy. On Monday, the actor retweeted a meme which promptly blew up in his face. The meme had a picture of Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan titled ‘opinion poll’, followed by a Vivek and Aishwarya’s picture titled ‘exit poll’ and finally, a picture of Aishwarya with Abhishek and daughter Aaradhya titled ‘result.’ “Haha! Creative! No politics here…just life,” the actor wrote with the tweet. But it was deemed ‘offensive’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘misogynistic’ by many, including Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Madhur Bhandarkar and Hansal Mehta. He even got a notice from the National Commission for Women (NCW).

Following this backlash, Vivek deleted the meme on Tuesday morning and tweeted, “Sometimes what appears to be funny and harmless at first glance to one, may not be so to others. I have spent the last 10 years empowering more than 2,000 underprivileged girls, I can’t even think of being disrespectful to any woman ever. Even if one woman is offended by my reply to the meme, it calls for remedial action. Apologies tweet deleted.”

Before deleting the tweet, on Monday evening, Vivek attended the screening of PM Modi’s biopic in Delhi. When he was asked if he would apologise for the tweet, he said, “I am still trying to understand what is it that people are objecting to. Someone created a meme on me and sent it to me. There are various memes created and I often laugh at them and I also laughed at this one and said that this is life. I don’t know why we are getting back to the regressive era of the 1920s. Everyone has a past, but all those who are public figures, their lives are in the public domain. Everyone keeps talking about actors’ affairs, break-ups, etc. All I am saying is that someone sent me a meme, I laughed at it and replied. I didn’t use any offensive word, didn’t abuse anyone, didn’t use any obscene picture. The meme has a beautiful family picture with Abhishek, Aishwarya and Aaradhya and I have only blessings and good wishes for them.”

On Monday, the NCW issued a notice to the actor seeking an explanation for his tweet. “We would like him to apologise on social media and personally also to the person concerned. If he doesn’t, we will see what legal action we can take against him,” Rekha Sharma, NCW chairperson, was quoted as saying. At the screening, when the actor was asked if he is going to apologise to the NCW, he said, “I would like to meet women’s commission. I have been working for women’s empowerment for the last 10 years. I am not someone who promotes women empowerment just on Twitter. In the last 10 years, I have helped with the rescue, education and well-being of around 2,200 girls, who were from abusive backgrounds. All these are facts and are well documented. So as far as respecting women is concerned, I am very careful. I personally feel there is nothing disrespectful about the tweet and I will meet the women’s commission. If they can explain to me what is wrong with the tweet, I will apologise to them.”

About facing backlash from the film industry, Vivek said, “To all other people I would say why make this so big?” Reacting to Sonam’s tweet, he said, “Sometimes people write such things on Twitter to appear cool. I would like to ask Sonam what work has she done for women’s empowerment? I have been working on women empowerment since Sonam was working on her makeover. I would just tell Sonam, ‘I have a lot of respect and love for your father. But what you have written, to that I would like to give you a small advice. God bless you and wish you all the best in your career but please overact less on screen and overreact less on social media.’”

Umesh Shukla's web series Modi - The Journey Of A Common Man is back on screen

Umesh Shukla's Modi: The Journey Of A Common Man is back on screen
Pulled off air during polls at the EC's directive, Eros Now's 10-part web series on prime minister - Modi - The Journey Of A Common Man - reinstated today
Mohar Basu (MID-DAY; May 22, 2019)

Umesh ShuklaOn April 30, mid-day had reported that Eros Now, adhering to the directive of the Election Commission (EC), had pulled down Modi - The Journey Of A Common Man, a biopic on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during the polling tenure. With a day to go before the election results, director Umesh Shukla says that the web series will be reinstated on the OTT platform today.

"We have gone live with five episodes today. While we will release two fresh ones tomorrow, the last three episodes of the 10-part series will stream subsequently." Quiz him if the three-week delay will have an impact on the audience's response, and the director maintains an optimistic stance. "The audience is still interested in knowing about Modi's journey."

The Vivek Oberoi-starrer PM Narendra Modi - the release of which was also stalled by the EC during the seven-phase polling - hits theatres on May 24. But the filmmaker is far from threatened. "The creative aspect sets us apart from the film. Also, the movie-going audience is different from those who consume OTT content."

FIR against actor Aansh Arora for attempt to murder and rioting

Ashni Dhaor and Niharika Lal (BOMBAY TIMES; May 22, 2019)

After being booked for vandalising a convenience store in Shopprix Mall in Sector 4, Vaishali, Ghaziabad, on May 12, TV actor Aansh Arora has now been booked for attempt to murder after six masked men claiming allegiance to the actor fired gunshots at the store on the intervening night of Sunday and Monday (May 20). “On the basis of the complaint filed by a store staff, an FIR against Aansh and five-six unidentified persons has been registered under IPC Sections 307 (attempt to murder), 147 (punishment for rioting), 148 (rioting, armed with deadly weapon), 427 (mischief causing damage to the amount of fifty rupees), 452 (house-trespass after preparation for hurt, assault or wrongful restraint), 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace) and 506 (punishment for criminal intimidation) at the Indirapuram Police Station,” said Sandeep Singh, Station House Officer, Indirapuram Police Station.

The actor, known for TV shows like Kasam Tere Pyar Ki, had filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission last week, alleging police brutality.

According to Abhinav, the complainant, who is a staffer at the store, the incident happened at around 1.55am. “The men shattered our store entrance by firing at it and barged in. They started vandalising the store with hockey sticks. Before I could dial 100, one of them pointed a gun at me and said, ‘Aansh bhai ke khilaf jo report likhwai hai woh wapas le lo, warna achcha nahi hoga’. He was also asking for the CCTV footage,” said Abhinav, who added that the assailants fired 10 rounds of gun shots.

It was only when the armed security guard of the store fired a shot in the air that the assailants reportedly fled. “While I dialled 100, the security guard outside the store fired a shot in the air, which is when the men fled the spot. The mall security’s Quick Response Team’s (QRT) van, stationed outside the store, was also vandalised by the men, its glass shattered with hockey sticks,” added Abhinav.

By the time the police reached the spot, the masked men had fled. The police took the CCTV footage of the store and filed a complaint against Aansh Arora and six unknown people. “We are trying to ascertain whether Aansh was among those who attacked the store or not. The CCTV footage of the store is being analysed and investigation is on, after which we will make arrests,” said Aparna Gautam, Circle Officer, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad Police. She added that goods worth `20 lakh have been destroyed and the store will now remain shut for a few days pending renovation.

While the store owner has complained to the police, Aansh is insisting that he has not done anything wrong and claims that his life is in danger. Addressing the allegations of the store being vandalised, Aansh told us, “These allegations that I have vandalised the store and was involved in a firing incident aren’t true. I’m not aware who vandalised their store, but I believe that all this is being done to frame me. I have complained against the Ghaziabad police and that’s why the police officials are trying to frame me in a false case. Since the last two days, I have been getting threat calls from unknown numbers, with people asking me to withdraw my complaint against the police. They have threatened me that if I don’t, I will have to bear the consequences. My life is in danger.”

A source close to Aansh told us, “The store has been claiming that the men who vandalised the place also asked for the CCTV footage which shows Ansh being involved in the brawl that took place on the intervening night of May 11 and 12. But why would Aansh do that when he knows that the DVR of the CCTV footage is with police?”

When asked whether claims made by Aansh are true, Gautam said, “We are not going to believe what someone alleges and we will only consider evidence. In the last week’s CCTV footage, we could see Aansh vandalising the store, while in the last footage, we see six men doing the same, firing at the store and threatening the staff in the name of the actor.”

According to Vikram Bhati, who looks after the administration at Shopprix Mall, Vaishali, there were around six-seven security guards present at the mall at the time of the incident. When asked how could the assailants then enter the premises, he said, “The security guards are stationed all across the mall and not at one place. The assailants who entered the store did not come by car but walked across the road and we didn’t see the weapons on them.”

Why didn’t they see the hockey sticks in their hands? “There was only one guard at the point from where the assailants entered, hence he couldn’t stop them,” he said, adding, “Jab5-6 log store mein ghusenge, toh ek guard kya karlega samajhne ki baat hai.”

According to the police, goods worth Rs 20 lakh have been destroyed