Kareena Kapoor Khan
Upala KBR (DNA; April 18, 2017)

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s workout routines and her affirmed love for yoga is known. And the yummy mummy’s dedication to fitness continues, even as she prepares for her acting comeback after her pregnancy hiatus.

And healthy eating apart, Bebo has another trick in her arsenal. She is training in FlyFit — a fitness routine created by Anshuka Parwani, which is a blend of aerial yoga, aerial Pilates and aerial fitness. Post Kareena’s new yoga fitness mantra, her friends including Amrita Arora Ladak, Tusshar and Malaika Arora have followed suit and has even got actresses like Huma Qureshi and Parineeti Chopra interested in the routine.

Anshuka has been training Bebo since her Golmaal 3 days and used to travel with her to Goa and Hyderabad. Says Anshuka, “Amrita and Malaika have been training since the past few months and came via Kareena. Parineeti just started and she came with her friend, celeb stylist Sanjana Batra. I teach Ashtanga Yoga-lattes (a workout that combines the best stretches from Yoga with the best core exercises from Pilates) and a mixture of mat Pilates and FlyFit. Apart from actresses, even actors like Tusshar Kapoor and Amit Sadh are learning FlyFit. I wanted a fitness regime which is a combination of mind and body and the boys love doing it, too.”

She lists the benefits of the routine. “A FlyFit workout releases endorphins into our blood stream boosting our adrenalin and everything else, leading to the glowing complexion one sees in my clients after a class. As the yoga is done from an inverted position, the impact is internal and external for any posture. I like my clients to work out for at least an hour and for a minimum three times a week to start with and for all other days after that. It aids in quick weight loss as it’s a mixture of Pilates and asanas, boosts your metabolism and yet, is a fun way of keeping fit. It’s all about using your mind and soul to enhance your body.”

Anshuka says FlyFit is different from Aerial Silk, which has has been around for years, which involves working out using a silk cloth hanging from the wall. She explains, “In my workout, I use a hammock setup, which is very different from Silk. It’s tougher to work out on. Doing a surya namaskar or shavasana on a hammock is challenging to the core and you see faster results. A lot of people even overcome their fears while practising it.”