The actress plays the lead in a romcom three years after her debut in a film headlined by elder brother Shahid Kapoor
Avinash Lohana (MUMBAI MIRROR; July 4, 2018)

After making her Bollywood debut with Vikas Bahl’s Shaandaar that had featured her brother Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in the lead, Sanah Kapur will be seen in director Abhishek Saxena’s Saroj Ka Rishta, which deals with the culture of body-shaming in India. Sanah will start shooting for the romcom in August in Ghaziabad and Mawana.

“As a fat person, I have noticed that body-shaming doesn’t happen only with those who are on the heavier side, but also with thin people. The idea germinated from there. The film essentially revolves around a father-daughter relationship with Kumud Mishra and Sana at the centre. There is also a love triangle with the two heroes Gaurav Pandey and Randeep Rai,” informs the director, who takes the film on the floors this month with writer Deepak Kapoor Bhardwaj.

Meanwhile, Sana says that she fell in love with her character. “I am looking forward to mould myself into someone who is from a completely different culture. It’s mysterious and offers great scope for exploration,” she explains.

Abhishek knew he had found his protagonist when he saw Sanah in Shaandaar. “She is like Saroj in real life too. Her character shares a fabulous relationship with her father who is worried about being separated from her when she gets married and insists that she find a man who can stay with them,” he laughs.

Prod Sanah on her second film since Shaandaar and she says, “I took a year to concentrate on theatre to help myself improve as an actor while looking for a script that I wanted to be a part of. I also did a feature that released recently (Khajoor Pe Atke) and dabbled in some short films as well,” she signs off.