Nayandeep Rakshit (DNA; August 12, 2017)

Of late, Amy Jackson has been extremely busy with her shoot schedule in the English capital. She’s working in an independent film called Boogieman and is very excited about it. One look at her Instagram handle, and one can see her partying in London with her gal pals. The actress is quite gung-ho about her role in the film as it’s rooted in humour. In a chat with After Hrs, the actress talks about her character in the film and the blast she had shooting for it...

You have been MIA again after Freaky Ali?
That’s because I have been doing an independent British film called Boogie Man. I have been shooting for it in London. I had a 60-day schedule and it’s all done now. It’s got a link to India and that’s why they cast me, which was great. It’s got a really cool script and my character is interesting. Plus, I was shooting on my home turf, so I was very happy.

While Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra have been part of action films in the West, yours is a romcom right?
Yes, it’s a romcom and it has got a lot of funny moments and humour. There isn’t any action in the film. In 2.0, there’s different style of action. It’s not like kickboxing and karate like in Singh is Bliing. It’s varied — with aerial action and stunts. Boogie Man is very subdued compared to that.

Tell us about your role in the movie...
I am part of the family, the main actor’s confidante. I play Kush’s (Khanna) sister in the film. It’s not a period film, but in the movie he’s obsessed with the ’70s. It’s got all the elements of the ’70s, so the dancing is also a part of it. I would rather call it a British-Bollywood film because it’s got the comedy, romance, the family values like you see in the films here, and it’s got three songs as well. It’s more of a musical.