Mohar Basu (MID-DAY; August 11, 2017)

As Arjun Kapoor's comic caper, Mubarakan, continues to win accolades from moviegoers, murmurs about Anil Kapoor outshining the actor continue to grow louder. This turn of events is rather interesting, given that Arjun plays a twin role in the film, which paired him alongside his uncle for the first time.

But Arjun Kapoor argues that director Anees Bazmee always wanted the spotlight to be on the senior actor. "It was how the film was designed," he says, adding, "On paper, his role was meant to be funnier. He is supposed to be the one with better dialogues, punchlines and humour. My characters, on the other hand, create conflict. Isn't it obvious that he will have a better part? He is the comedy factor." Pointing out that the senior actor has several years of experience to his credit, Arjun says pitting him against the veteran is unfair. "His body of work is exemplary. I chose to do this film because he was a part of it. I worked with Anees and Anil to learn, evolve and mostly enjoy [myself]. My only job was to do my role well."

The actor laments that despite being treated to a good film, people wish to enquire about a brewing animosity. "Who is jealous of their own chachu? It's ridiculous. But I take this with a pinch of salt," he says, asserting he is happy that film critics have appreciated his work. "I did not do this film to outshine him."