Karan Johar
Sarita A Tanwar (DNA; July 25, 2017)

While production houses backed by his closest friends Aditya Chopra and Ekta Kapoor have ventured in the web series space, Karan Johar hasn’t moved in the direction yet. It is an interesting space because a huge section of audience is hungry for content which they cannot find in Hindi films and shows. And every maker wants a piece of the pie. Here KJo talks about his plans in the digital space.

Presently, there is a lot of excitement about exploring the web series. What is your take on it?
I have to say that unfortunately if films don’t get their act together, maybe the step child of entertainment — digital will take over. But not just yet because no platform is strong enough right now. Nothing that is created for our country yet that you can leverage and tune into the way you make shows in the West.

Does the space excite you?
It does and I am a huge fan of this space. That is what I watch. I watch every single English show. I love the writing, applaud the performances and am completely mesmerized by the narrative.

The kinds of shows that are being made in India are not at par with the American and British shows that we all are addicted to. Don’t you want to change that?
I know if I start doing what they are doing, it is not going to work. You have to be different from their narrative and tell stories that will work in the Indian context. And I don’t think anyone is doing that. Everyone is emulating the West.

What is happening is whatever is being rejected on TV is coming here. We are not getting it right.
I think we will eventually.

Will you do a web series?
I want to and I am very clear that when Dharma goes digital, we will do it in a way that it’s meant to be. I do not want to get into it without having a platform that will be visited.

When do you see that happening?
It will take a couple of years but it is going to be very strong. Eventually it will take over. Right now there is a lull, eventually there will be a storm.