Katrina Kaif
Prachita Pandey (DNA; July 1, 2017)

A video interview with Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif for Jagga Jasoos grabbed attention because of the tussle of words between them. It wasn’t clear if they were joking or taking digs at each other. Given their bitter break-up, each word and action of the former couple is now being scrutinised. Katrina clears the air, “Our personal equation is between us, people can analyse it as much as they want to. But they are never going to get it because I have always been a private person.”

She adds, “What you get to see when we come in front of the media is the equation which we’ve had in our work space from the beginning. We pull each other’s leg, it is all fun and masti. This is not negative, it’s not bitter, we are not pulling each other down. This is our way of having fun. If I say in an interview, how obnoxious he is, and who would want to work with him, it’s a joke. Ranbir and I have always had this tu-tu main-main relationship at work — it keeps up the energy, the fun.” Okay, then!