Rakesh Roshan
Mohar Basu (MID-DAY; July 1, 2017)

As Rakesh Roshan clocks in his 50th year in the industry, he is happy with how his life has turned out. The filmmaker, who is no hurry to churn out films year-after-year, choosing instead to work at a leisurely pace, appears content with the knowledge that he knew when it was time to ‘move on’. “When I realised my films [as an actor] weren’t working, I knew it’s time to move over to the other side. I started off as a producer and went on to direct films. There has been no looking back ever since,” he tells mid-day, when we meet him at his suburban office.

Even as Roshan is scripting the fourth instalment of his hit superhero franchise, Krrish (2006) , he promises that this one will up the tech game in India. “In terms of technology, we will make sure Krrish 4 is a breakthrough sci-fi film. Once we have a story in place, we will reach out to the best stunt directors and VFX teams to make it a world-class film.”

For the third instalment, GoPro cameras attached to chopper and controlled by phones, were used to capture large spaces. For each scene, 60 extra shots collected from months of work were shortlisted before the final one was zeroed in by the VFX team, and integrated into regular shots with CGI. With the development in technology, Roshan promises the next instalment will be even bigger.

Yet, the director says that crafting an action flick for the Indian masses demands a greater focus on emotions, and cannot solely ride on technology. “It’s not like a Hollywood superhero film which wows with technology alone. Krrish is a mystical, magical figure, whose power people should believe in. I am looking for the emotional hook to pivot the narrative. People are always in such a hurry to make their films. What’s the rush?”

For Roshan, the content of Krrish 4 will be the distinguishing factor from the hordes of superhero films being churned out in the West. “Superhero films are more about passion than action. Superman, Batman, Spider-Man are my favourites. I learn and pick up a lot of Krrish’s philosophies from them. Stunts are added props; the content needs to be rich with heightened emotions. I have to make Krrish a winner’s tale with an apt story about good and evil.”