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RAABTA continued with poor collections on Tuesday with a huge drop from Monday. The film will do around 19 crore nett in its first week. The business Overseas is even worse and its looking to a worldwide  GROSS of under 35 crore. This would probably work out to worldwide theatre recovery of just 12 crore (share)

The revenue from other sources will be just as bad. If the makers managed to get prices for satellite, digital etc prior to release then those buyers will be heading for big trouble. The five day collections of RAABTA are as follows.
Friday - 4,61,00,000
Saturday - 4,25,00,000
Sunday - 4,25,00,000
Monday - 1,75,00,000
Tuesday - 1,60,00,000
TOTAL - 16,46,00,000

BEHEN HOGI TERI is heading for a first week close to 2 crore nett. The five day figures of BEHEN HOGI TERI are as follows.
Friday - 25,00,000
Saturday - 45,00,000
Sunday - 50,00,000
Monday - 20,00,000
Tuesday - 20,00,000
TOTAL - 1,50,00,000