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HINDI MEDIUM continued to do well as it took its business to 57 crore nett after its fourth weekend. The film has beaten the bigger film HALF GIRLFRIEND that it was released with over three weeks back. Though it must be noted that it is only the NETT figures that are better for HINDI MEDIUM as it has many tax exemptions across India. In terms of GROSS which is actual amount collected at the box office, HALF GIRLFRIEND is still ahead though with a clear week ahead of it this could change next week and HINDI MEDIUM could finish a couple of crore ahead in terms of GROSS as well. The business of HINDI MEDIUM till date is as follows.
First Week - 23,25,00,000
Second Week - 18,23,00,000
Third Week - 11,67,00,000
Fourth Weekend - 3,75,00,000 apprx
TOTAL - 56,90,00,000

The film has also had a fair run Overseas and should do around $2 million which will mean a Worldwide total of around 90 crore which is very good for this film.