Shreya Ghoshal
Soumya Vajpayee Tiwari (MID-DAY; June 20, 2017)

With 15 years of playback singing to her credit, Shreya Ghoshal is certainly among the most established names in Bollywood. She has almost always received acclaim for the songs she has performed for filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali, with those in her debut film, Bhansali’s Devdas (2002), winning her several awards. Now, Ghoshal is “eagerly waiting” for the soundtrack of her latest project with Bhansali, the Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor-starrer, Padmavati, to hit screens.

“The tracks are rich, intricate and larger than life. Sanjayji has gone one notch higher this time with his music. I am really excited. Besides Padmavati, I have recorded some songs for other films as well, all up for back-to-back release,” says the singer.

Besides singing for Bollywood, Ghoshal is also keen to delve into independent music. “I am looking forward to my foray into indie music. I am set to release a few singles that I have been working on. I shot the videos in Manali recently. But for the moment, I am busy with prep for the upcoming Symphony concert tour in the US.”

Ghoshal is among 26 singers who are part of T-Series’s latest offering, Mixtape’s line-up, a platform that explores popular tracks in contemporary style, in the form of mash-ups. “It is a great concept. We are able to blend two popular songs of similar genre, melodic structure and lyrical style, and give them a new musical arrangement. It is thrilling for me to rediscover my own numbers.”