Akshay Kumar
Subhash K Jha (DNA; June 17, 2017)

Director Abhishek Saxena and the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) Chairperson Pahlaj Nihalani have got into a verbal duel after the board accorded Adult certificate to the director’s film, Phullu, which is based on menstruation and personal hygiene.

The newbie director’s contention is that the Board wouldn’t do the same to Akshay Kumar’s Pad Man, based on the same theme, just because he’s a big star.

While Abhishek has accused Nihalani of being biased against smaller filmmakers, the latter says the producers of Phullu tried to use political clout to pressure the board to give the film a lenient viewing. “They tried everything, and now they want to gain sympathy by playing the underdog. We found their film deserved an ‘Adult’ certificate. That’s it. No amount of pressure will change that,” says Nihalani.

Abhishek is upset that Pad Man will be seen as a socially-relevant and educative film even though it is based on the same topic of menstruation, which is a taboo, and it would not be surprising if it receives U/A certificate.

However, Nihalani says, “As for being partial to Akshay Kumar’s Pad Man, let the film come to us, we’ll give it the certification it deserves. If it deserves an ‘A’ rating so it shall be. We are not partial to any individual, no matter what the pressure.”