Tanvi Trivedi (BOMBAY TIMES; May 12, 2017)

After getting Indian citizenship earlier this year, musician Adnan Sami and his wife Roya have another reason to celebrate. The couple became proud parents of a baby girl on Monday (May 8). They have named her Medina Sami Khan. In an exclusive conversation with Bombay Times, Adnan talks about his new bundle of joy and why he doesn't want to comment on any controversy. Excerpts...

How does it feel to become a father again?
It's been more than a decade since I had my first child. When you are in love with the right person, you want to start a family with him/her. My son Azaan was born in 1993 and now, after the birth of my daughter, I have started understanding the 'daddy's girl' concept. My songs are high on emotions and I can't describe the surge of fatherly love that I am feeling now.

You have named her Medina after the holy city...
Yes, I have named her after the city of Medina, which embraced Prophet Mohammed when he was forced to leave Mecca. Even today, the city is known for its love and hospitality. It's also here that you'll hear the most beautiful Azaan, immersing you in a wave of spirituality. So, I felt that Medina was an apt name for my baby.

Now that you have mentioned Azaan, you must be aware of the recent controversy around Sonu Nigam's tweet against loudspeakers...
I am in a happy state of mind right now. I don't want to talk about anything that leads to any negativity.

There was a lot of furore over the legality of triple talaq as well...
The word 'Talaq' is too negative to be spoken about at a time when I have happiness in the family.

Your daughter was born in Munich, so she is a German citizen by birth. Considering the long and tedious process you went through to become an Indian citizen, didn't you want her to be born here?
So what? That doesn't stop her from being a Hindustani. She will eventually come to India and we'll apply for her Indian citizenship. Mumbai is home to us. Medina was born in Munich because Roya's family lives in Germany and she had five sisters to help her while I was travelling for work.

You've had two failed marriages before you finally found love, and settled down with Roya. Did your previous experiences make you cynical?
I never gave up on love. Despite two failed marriages, which was unfortunate, I strongly believed in the institution because my parents had a good marriage. I am an incurable romantic and Roya came into my life wreck. when I was an emotional. She helped me during my tough times and gave me stability. One should never be cynical about love or marriage.

Mumbai, for the last few days, was gripped by the Justin Bieber mania. Your comments...
No, I am not aware of that, but I know that our country is warm and will go out of its way to extend hospitality.

You were last seen singing a qawwali in Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Are you being selective when it comes to Bollywood?
Formats in film music have changed, and so has the number of songs. I've been in the business for 32 years and have never followed herd mentality. I did Bhar Do Jholi Meri because I was getting to sing a qawwali for the first time. Also, Salman Khan and I go back 20 years. His father Salim Khan is a father figure to me.