Days after their first marriage anniversary, Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover tell us what they’ve learned about each other
Upala KBR (DNA; May 2, 2017)

Bipasha Basu finds husband Karan Singh Grover to be a great partner. After a year of being together as husband and wife, that’s something that hasn’t changed. She finds his being over-sensitive annoying, he hates it that she’s always right. Those are things boyfriends and girlfriends say about each other. They pick up after each other. She manages his money, he knows how to end an argument/fight by saying sorry. And she’s protective while he’s possessive. We could tell you more but why not make it more fun by letting them tell it as it is. Here’s the conversation we had with the year-old pati-patni who are still very much in love..

What’s the most annoying habit of the other that you would want to change?
Bipasha: Karan’s a quirky guy. I got my man and this is what for me is the mark of a true man. But what annoys me? He’s very sensitive. Sensitivity is a great thing. But he’s too sensitive...
KSG: You’re annoyed by that? It goes with the person I am. I’m so hurt!
Bipasha: Yes and I am okay with that. I don’t want you to change that. Sensitivity is a great thing, but Karan is too sensitive.
KSG: Things can hurt me very quickly… but only things Bipasha would say, not anybody else.
Bipasha: And with a moophat person like me, it’s tough on Karan. I am very dry. My straightforward manner is not sugar-coated ever. I am definitely very blunt, but I don’t mean that. His heart is so soft that he gets hurt.
KSG: It’s soft for you. I understand what she’s saying once I process what she says. I have to analyse it. The most annoying thing about her is that she’s always right. It’s tough to be in a fight where you know that the other person is always right, no matter what and you are spending the rest of your life with her (Bipasha laughs). No matter how angry or upset you get in your head and heart you know that she’s right. I like to be right sometimes (looking at Bipasha). She’s very particular about always being on time.
Bipasha: So much so, I have sent him to places early and he’s roaming around. I’m very edgy about timings.
KSG: Unfortunately, there’s a never-ending fire lit under my behind. For an award show, she sent me 15 minutes before it started and I had to wait in a restaurant! That’s not fair.
Bipasha: See that’s how he makes me laugh so much... By talking baaje-baaje kotha bole (nonsense) all the time. He can understand and talk fluently in Bengali now. He loves the word chulkuni (itching).
KSG: She’s very romantic too. She bought me the best jacket in the world and made dinner for me. She got me this amazing international brand which takes a lot of time to be delivered.
Bipasha: The courier guy gave it to him. It was to be a surprise. His eyes lit up and he didn’t take it off till night, that too he did, because I told him to or he would have kept wearing it (laughs). You don’t know how he is with clothes. I can’t let him destroy the jacket in his sleep. We are very different in that way. He has to use it then and keep using it. He’s like a big kid. Another quirky trait is he’s over-generous.

That’s wonderful...
Bipasha: Not at all! (laughs) My job has increased now!
KSG: That’s why she takes all the money from my account and puts them in fixed deposits. Like hai hi nahin, kya karega abhi?
Bipasha: All his investments are locked straight as it comes. I am all for helping people, but he’s helped a lot of useless people in his entire life. Money for him is nothing. If someone needs it, he gives it away. But he’s changed now a little bit.

Who is the problem solver?
KSG: We don’t have problems, but fights and we get engrossed too much in that, so we take turns.
Bipasha: If there’s a problem or complication including finance or the family, then I solve it.
KSG: And she starts it again by saying, ‘Don’t say sorry. I hate sorry!’ She has no place for a word like sorry in her life so she doesn’t like to use it or hear it.
Sorry was made for people who need excuses in their lives.
KSG: Next time we have an argument instead of saying sorry, I will say ‘I am so Lulu!’ (laughs) I take the big decisions in life, like, ‘Who will go to war with China or Pakistan?’ I have learned this from my father-in-law. He told me, ‘Hamara dono biwi na... fire hai! Tum usske saath thoda thanda rehna. Tum water sign na, aag ke upar paani daal dena. No problem.’ One day, I saw Bipasha and her mom fighting and it was like this tandaav happening! Her dad and I kept looking at each other. His sarcasm and humour is something else.

Do you do stuff without telling each other?
Bipasha: Like work stuff, maybe, but not often. We keep our work separate unless we have deals which come to both of us. That’s the only time we discuss. When he asks me to read scripts or listen to narrations, I say no, because he is a very bad narrator to me!
KSG: You do stuff without telling me? I would like to clear this out. This is her perception of things. Her work is separate. My work goes through her and then comes to me. Somehow everyone who is managing my work first goes to her...
Bipasha: If he’s not answering his phone, they call me to pass on a message.
KSG: Now they don’t call me at all. Any work I do, I always check with her first as she gives good advice. Where scripts are concerned, I come back and tell her all excited and she looks at me and says, ‘I don’t know what you are so excited about but it’s crap!’

Of the two of you, who is more possessive?
Bipasha: I have my moments, but Karan is more possessive between the two of us. He keeps telling me, ‘She’s mine. All mine.’ and he wants me to keep saying it. ‘You are all mine? Only mine’. And I have to say ‘Yes, I am yours. Forever’.
KSG: She is more protective than possessive. Till a few days before our marriage, she couldn’t say the word ‘husband’. She would stammer!