Nayandeep Rakshit (DNA; May 16, 2017)

Sunita Kapoor is a momager. Well, not of the Kardashian kind, but it can be said that the reins of this Kapoor khandaan — Anil, Sonam, Harshvardhan and Rhea — are in her hands. Harsh, the family’s latest entrant into B-Town, talks here about the woman who makes their family tick.

‘Always organising things’
While everyone’s busy shooting, it’s Sunita, who “gels the whole family together. It can be difficult with so many creative minds and varied interests but she is a very selfless person and manages everything. She’s taking care of a million different things — this house is not easy to take care of, she’s always organising things,” says Harsh.

‘We were always protected’
During Anil’s initial days of struggle, she stood by him like a rock. Harsh acknowledges this and adds, “My parents did a very good job of concealing what they were going through when times were hard, so we never really felt it. We were always protected.”

Mom’s plaint
The young actor is quite particular about the way he lives his life. He shares, “My mom sometimes feels I’m financially reckless with my own money and very indulgent with my creative choices, but that’s just who I am.”

‘Close, but not friends’
Although Harsh admits he’s closer to his mother, he feels dad Anil is his friend. “Mom and I are quite close. But not like friends, I think dad is the more friend-like relationship I have.”

Private about romance
Harsh doesn’t discuss his love life with his mother. He admits, “I’m very private about romance, etc. I don’t think there’s been anyone in my life who has reached that level of seriousness. Even if I were to date someone for months, I wouldn’t really discuss it too much. I believe that it takes the fun and unpredictability out of things.” Makes sense!

‘She gets it’
Sunita recently celebrated her 60th birthday in London, but Harsh couldn’t be a part of it. She wasn’t upset. Says the actor, “I was shooting for Bhavesh Joshi. I had to come back to Mumbai and get into shape and focus on the film. She’s lived with an actor for over 30 years. I guess she gets it.”