Upala KBR (DNA; May 14, 2017)

In an earlier interview, Shraddha Kapoor had spoken about her mother Shivangi and how she had influenced her spiritually. The actress contributes her growth as a person to her mother and today talks about her special connect to her.

Us before herself
Of her mother’s selflessness, she says, “Mom is like my best friend. I used to love making these cards for her on Mother’s Day and I still do. She is an extremely selfless soul. The most vivid memories that I have of her till today is that she’s always put her kids before anything else and is always, always, always there for me and my brother Siddhanth whenever we have needed her.”

Ringed by mom
One particular memory stands out for the actress. She says, “Mom had given me this heart-shaped diamond ring during one of my birthdays and that’s the most cherished gift that I have from her till today. The ring is most special to me because she gave it to me before I went on to complete my degree at Boston University.”

Mom’s advice
Shivangi’s advice to Shraddha, films-wise, is fairly simple: do what makes you happy. “I discuss my films and scripts more with my father than her. She just broadly tells me that I should be doing the roles that make me happy. She is my confidante and my friend,” she signs off.