On Mother’s Day, Ishaan pens a letter exclusively for DNA After Hrs, from a son to his mother putting down his heartfelt thoughts on the person, who is his strength and who shaped him to be who he is…
DNA (May 14, 2017)


I’m going to write this directly as a letter to you because life is moving real fast right now and I don’t want to pass up a good opportunity to tell you what I don’t say often enough…

You are the foundation of everything good in my life. You have taught me by example how to love endlessly and for that, I will always be grateful. Whenever I have gotten weak or indifferent towards others you have steered me to be a stronger and more empathetic person by giving me perspective or just reminding me how I can be better.

From the time when I was crawling on all fours (as a baby, not by choice like I do now) you have infused my life with art and creativity which continues to be our strongest link. You’re not only my mother but also my friend, and a friend to my friends.

Mom you can be such great fun and extremely friendly! We took a trip to Pahalgam in 2015 and stayed in a resort that was infested by monkeys. I still remember how you managed to score a high-five from a little monkey from our room’s window before I could!

You’re a very special woman and even though we have our regular disagreements every now and then, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re the most solid relationship in my life and that I will always respect you for teaching me so much.

Thank you for giving me all that you have and caring for me as only you could do. You’re a legend, mum.

Your proud, adoring son,