Kriti Sanon
While she doesn’t deny sharing a special something with Sushant, Kriti Sanon isn’t ready for the intrusion onslaught
Sonil Dedhia (MID-DAY; May 14, 2017)

She may not boast of industry connections, yet Kriti Sanon has proved her mettle with Heropanti (2014) and Dilwale (2015). The actress, who has Raabta and Bareilly Ki Barfi lined up for release, talks about life as an outsider and sets the record straight about her alleged relationship with co-star Sushant Singh Rajput.

How did Raabta happen?
It’s funny, but I share a great relationship with Dinu [director Dinesh Vijan]. We have often discussed scripts which we never worked on. I met him for something else, but we ended up discussing the script for Raabta. At that time, he wasn’t sure whether he was making the film. I really wanted to do it, as it replicated two different worlds, that were connected to each other. He then called me again to his office and Sushant was also there; he was already on board. Dinu gave both of us a scene [to enact] and he liked our chemistry. He got up and said, ‘chalo, yeh film banate hai.”

You play two characters [Saira and Saiba] in Raabta. Was it difficult to switch between the two?
Saira is a contemporary girl who stays alone in Budapest and owns a chocolate shop. I had enough time to portray the different layers to the character. But the flashback portion was a little difficult as it is for about 20-30 minutes; it takes you to a completely different world. I play a warrior in the flashback, I had to convince everyone that I was one. The body language had to be stronger. There were chase sequences that we shot in the jungles of Mauritius. That was difficult.

The story talks about reincarnation. Do you believe in it?
There is no reason for me to believe in it. I did consider going for past life regression therapy, but then refrained from doing it. My mother was scared. She feels that some doors are better left closed. I did not want to mess with my mind. I have never been hypnotized, but I am curious to know what would happen. Dinu gave me Brian Weiss’ book, Many Lives Many Masters. After I started reading it, I started believing in karma. Somewhere, things done in the past life do get carried forward.

Raabta is a romantic film. Are you a romantic?
Totally! I have grown up on films like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995), so I like filmi romances, but I am not sure if it exists in real life. I do believe in the feeling of love, though.

You’ve had a good start to your career with two hits [Heropanti and Dilwale] to your credit. Do you feel a sense of achievement?
I don’t think I have arrived in Bollywood. I do understand that a part of being a celebrity is that you are recognised and famous, so I am enjoying my moments. I have to prove a lot; it’s the reason I am doing different films. I am still figuring out and taking one thing at a time. At the same time, I get to take credit for my achievements.

You haven’t been in a rush to sign films. Is it a conscious decision?
There are times when you sign a film, but it doesn’t end up happening. Certain films take a little longer to make. I had signed Farzi [to be directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK] opposite Shahid Kapoor. The project didn’t take off. I feel it’s all about destiny. I wouldn’t do a film half-heartedly.

Reports about you dating Sushant refuse to die down. Does it affect your relationship with him?
It doesn’t affect our relationship. I don’t see reason to justify my relationship with Sushant. We know what the truth is. Over a period of time, I have realised that link-ups with co-stars are part and parcel of the industry. I have made peace with it. We often read stuff about us that’s completely baseless. We have always taken it in our stride.

What’s the worst that you imagine will happen if you were to confess to that you are in love with someone? 
There have been couples who have openly spoken about their relationship, but what happens is that the focus shifts to their personal life. I would never want to do that. I’d rather let my work speak for itself. There is a part of my personal life that I share with the audience. I am active on social media and people are aware of what is going on in my life. But there are certain things that I’d like to keep private.

Several actors are turning producers. Any aspirations to get your own production house rolling?
It’s too early for me [to do that] and I don’t think I have the money to become a producer. When I do have the finances in places, I would definitely love to produce a film. There are stories which I would love to tell.