Sridevi, Rishi Kapoor and Vinod Khanna
Upala KBR (DNA; April 28, 2017)

For Rishi Kapoor, Sridevi and the late Vinod Khanna, Chandni was a landmark film with Yash Chopra. One that had unforgettable music, some great scenes between the trio.

Of course, in the wake of his recent passing, condolences have been pouring in and the three have been co-stars separately in films other than that. Here, Sridevi and Rishi remember Vinod with much fondness...

“We have worked together in three films including Chandni (1989) and Pathar Ke Insaan (1990) and Farishtay (1991). It was a great shock to hear about him passing away... I feel very sad... I heard from Boneyji (Kapoor) about it. I remember Vinod as being a very calm and dignified actor. He always talked softly, was extremely humble and down-to-earth and a wonderful co-star. My heart goes out to his family. He was a great guy. We first worked together in Chandni. Before that, he was a top star and this larger-than-life personality for me. I would watch all his films and I was very excited and happy when I heard he was working in Chandni and that I would get to work with him. I couldn’t believe it! We did a mahurat of Chandni and I imagined him as a regular famous person would be. We wished each other and then I started observing him. Vinodji was so simple and quiet. It was really amazing as he turned out to be a total contrast from what I had envisioned him to be. He was dignified, non-starry and simple. I have always had great respect for him.”

“It was heart-breaking for me to hear the news. I have known him even before he became an actor. Vinod was so handsome, a good-looking hunk and a lady-killer. But more than that, he was a good chap. The first time we shot together was for Amar Akbar Anthony. After that we did several films together, including Chandni. One thing, I must tell you — about three weeks ago, when I went to meet Vinod at the hospital, we couldn’t meet him, but his wife Kavita was very kind. She came out to meet us and spoke about how he was progressing. We were chatting with Kavita, when she told us that at that very point, Vinod was reading my book Khullam Khulla and he was very happy reading it.”