DNA (April 14, 2017)

Not too long ago, Ram Gopal Varma targetted Tiger Shroff over a bare-bodied photoshoot on social media and the Bollywood fraternity didn’t take too kindly to it.

Not-so-tweet exchange
If you thought he’d learn something from that tweet-storm, RGV returned to his vitriolic self on Monday night, cornering Vidyut Jammwal while pitting Tiger Shroff against him. This went on for quite a while. Ramu went on to say that Vidyut would never have the guts to take on Tiger in a street fight, and that the latter would ‘finish off’ the former in ‘one single punch’.

Vodka ki galti
Well, all of this changed on Tuesday night as Ramu confessed that it was high time he got off vodka and apologised to both Vidyut and Tiger for the ‘irritation caused’. Though he mentioned that all of this was in his ‘usual fun way’ and also quoted Bruce Lee (no less!) for having the courage to admit his mistake, he even went on to thank Vidyut for the ‘radical change-over’ that he felt in himself.

What triggered it
There was a trigger point behind it all and that was a recorded conversation between Vidyut and RGV that the former made public! In what could well be a first when a mainstream actor has made a recording with a major filmmaker public, Vidyut even made RGV aware about it on social media.

The leaked conversation
Vidyut tweeted, ‘Forget the Shaolin Monk style, check out @RGVZoomin’s #drunkenmasterstyle’. In the snippet that lasts 137 seconds, it is quite apparent that the filmmaker is in ‘high spirits’ and while Vidyut can just be heard coming up with some faint laughs and at a couple of times pointing out to Ramu about something that he didn’t say, the filmmaker is casual while being jovial and stating his point-of-view, which led to him pitting the two actors against each other.

Nonetheless, once Vidyut went public with this recording, Ramu pronto apologised not just to the two young actors but also Lord Ganpati’s devotees and South actor Pawan Kalyan’s fans since in the past, he has targetted them as well. This isn’t all. He even swore on ‘his mother, Steven Spielberg and Amitabh Bachchan’ since he worships them and doesn’t believe in God.

Thanks for ‘exposing’
In conclusion, while he thanked Vidyut for ‘exposing’ him, he even declared that he was ‘newborn’ now and would never be the person that he was before.

Well, one just hopes that this was a late-night drunken flurry of tweets and that the filmmaker indeed goes back to concentrating entirely on making his films.