Arunabh Kumar
MID-DAY (April 17, 2017)

A month after alleging The Viral Fever founder Arunabh Kumar had sexually harassed her during her term of employment with the company in a blog post, the victim, who goes by the pseudonym of Indian Fowler, took to the website yesterday to claim she had finally registered an FIR against Kumar.

The latest post, which was later deleted, read, “I have spoken to [a] few of us [other women who claimed to have been sexually harassed by Kumar] and have found support. This time around, it’s a fight to the finish, hence I won’t take names. We have [a] few cases filed in three cities, and one of it is mine, so I would expect [the] courts to take cognisance of that. I hope it reaches logical conclusions. This is my last attempt. I have filed it [FIR] finally. I don’t know if it will reach a logical conclusion. If it does, I will drink a bottle of tequila that night. If it doesn’t, I will trust that God doesn’t exist.”

At the time of going to press, the victim’s initial blog post had been deleted, and further detail was unavailable.