The actor talks about his recent ride in a local train and reveals his Samson locks will go once he turns into a student
Natasha Coutinho (MUMBAI MIRROR; March 11, 2017)

Tiger Shroff’s been flaunting his shoulder-length Samson locks and will have to get them shorn once he wraps up Viki Rajani’s musical romance, Munna Michael. “I won’t have long hair soon. But I’m open to experimenting with my look, so it’s fine,” shrugs Jackie’s cub who will sport a short crop in Punit Malhotra’s Student of the Year 2 which rolls in July.

Meanwhile, while shooting in Vasai for Munna Michael, the actor posted a video of him kicking a football in mid-air which led to speculations that the film’s climax is a ripoff of the 2001 martial arts sports comedy, Shaolin Soccer. Tiger refutes the rumours, saying, “The video was just me fooling around between shots and had nothing to do with the film. My friend, who heads my digital team, shoots these videos for me. During A Flying Jatt, we made a video of me flying in the air. This one had me doing martial arts. He lobbed me a football and caught me in action.” The only connection with Shaolin Soccer is that he will soon start training with its action director, Tony Ching, in China for Baaghi 2.

Tiger was recently in Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert to picturise a song, for Munna Michael and sent his fans into a tizzy by posting bare-bodied pictures from the shoot. “Till I went to Jordan, I had believed that the desert would be nice and hot but it was freezing and a difficult shoot but we pulled it off,” he beams.

Talking about bare bodied looks, on the actor’s 27th birthday, Ram Gopal Varma went into a Twitter overdrive lambasting him for his ‘Urmila-ish’ pose, telling him to learn how to be macho like his father Jackie. Tiger says shortly, “He’s a senior filmmaker and there’s nothing more I’d like to say.”

They have only a week or two left to wrap up the Sabbir Khan-directed film, which has him playing a dancer who idolises Michael Jackson, and even moonwalks like the late pop icon. “We are done with the action. Just a few quick scenes and a song remain,” he says.

Meanwhile, Tiger recently hopped into a local train with sister Krishna, an assistant director on the film, during peak hours, travelling from Vasai to Bandra with regular commuters. “I got to see a different side of the world after a long time. I wish I could take a train everyday, it would make travelling faster. We had been shooting in Vasai which is far from Bandra where I live. We packed up during peak hours and since there’s traffic on the road then, I decided to take the train though people around me thought I am crazy,” he reminisces.

He shrugged into a hoodie and hit his face behind a mask. “My bodyguards were dressed normally to merge with the crowds. I walked a little away and even changed my body language. Still, those sitting next to me recognised me,” he admits, saying it was fun while he was in disguise but then turned scary. “I didn’t want word to spread that I was on the train so I put a finger on my lips when I heard fans sitting next to me in the train discussing that I could be Tiger Shroff and they kept quiet. They cooperated till I got off safely,” he signs off.