Months after the two had an online tiff over a Mohammed Rafi dialogue in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, the popular singer and filmmaker seemed to have buried the hatchet
Renuka Vyavahare (BOMBAY TIMES; March 7, 2017)

A part from the controversy over starring Pakistani actor Fawad Khan, Karan Johar's 2016 release Ae Dil Hai Mushkil had also run into trouble because of a dialogue on Mohammed Rafi.The legendary singer's son Shahid and his diehard fans, including Sonu Nigam, took offence over a dialogue uttered by Anushka Sharma's character in the film, “Mohammed Rafi? Woh gaate kam rote zyada the na?“ Exasperated by the backlash, Johar had tweeted back then, “Filmmakers making irresponsible remarks at events. Singers revelling in self importance... Press releases sent to mask insecurities! Ufff.“ Sonu was quick to blog, “So it's all about loving your family, and disrespecting others'!! And this is not revelling in self importance. UFFFFFFF...“

However, the two seem to have let bygones be bygones now. A source revealed, “The dust has settled, there is no bad blood between the two anymore. Sonu even paid a tribute to KJo at the Mirchi Music Awards.“

When BT asked Sonu about his equation with Karan, he said, “Anyone who has achieved such immense success in life can't be a small person. Sometimes, the people around exaggerate and magnify matters. We never got a chance to meet each other after that (row). But recently, while I was hosting an awards show, I paid a tribute to him by singing three of my hits from his films. We hugged each other after that and both of us were on the verge of crying. I was happy he reciprocated my love and respect. Life is very small for all this. You never know when your time is over.“

He explained, “We never had an altercation on a personal level. Social media has a way of fanning the flames. I neither spoke ill of his film, nor uttered his name even once. I just expressed my love for Rafi saab. That doesn't make me anti-Karan Johar. I revere Rafi saab and I have a right to say so. I never spoke against Karan and he knows it.“

Instead of indulging in a public face-off, why didn't the two sort out the matter in private? “I didn't feel the need to call him. You do that when you either feel guilty or are in need of that person. So I didn't call him and neither did he,“ he signs off.