OK Jaanu and xXx opening day Box Office
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XXX: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE has fared poorly in India despite its first full day in India being the fifth best ever and now the film has also not performed in North America. The opening was a bit of a disaster with it only collecting $7.15m on its first day compared to the $17.31 million of the original XXX film released in 2002. The second installment of XXX which released in 2005 can't really be compared as it did not feature Vin Diesel and managed a $4.18m opening which is actually not bad compared to the present installment. The performance of the film in India is poor but comparatively the 33-35 crore nett that it will do in India looks a better performance than its likely to put up in its domestic market of North America.
Hollywood release XXX: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE dropped in the second weekend though as it did not have a full Friday the drop from the first weekend is reasonable at 60%. The film will also finish its a run in a couple of days and will be around 35 crore nett for its lifetime business. The film also fared poorly in its domestic market as it grossed $20 million apprx in US/Canada. The business of XXX: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE is as follows.
Week One - 26,09,00,000
Friday - 1,60,00,000
Saturday - 2,25,00,000
Sunday - 2,75,00,000
Second Weekend - 6,60,00,000

TOTAL - 32,69,00,000

OK JAANU dropped in its second weekend grossing around 2.50-2.75 crore nett but it could have been much worse if there were some decent new releases. The film has grossed a little under 20 crore nett now and has two more days to a little bit more business for a lifetime finish of around 21 crore nett. The collections of OK JAANU till date are as follows.
Week One - 17,16,00,000
Friday - 60,00,000
Saturday - 90,00,000
Sunday - 1,15,00,000
Second Weekend - 2,65,00,000

TOTAL - 19,81,00,000