Mulk is a terrific flick and is laced not just with a great script but is also directed very well by Anubhav Sinha. The thrilling moments keep viewers on the edge of the seats, the emotional sequences are moving while the courtroom scenes take the film to another level. The film drops somewhere in the middle but picks up dramatically in the pre-climax and climax. The film raises some very important issues of the present-day and it doesn’t just take up just one side of it. It speaks about both the aspects and that’s really praiseworthy. Anubhav Sinha has also written the dialogues and they are powerful and would surely be applauded and whistled at in cinemas! Also, expect lot of memes to be made of its dialogues on social media whenever politicians would try to divide the society on communal lines. Talking of performances, Rishi Kapoor is brilliant as the helpless and hapless old man who gets into some unfortunate circumstances. One can feel the pain he’s going through and that adds to the impact. However, it’s Taapsee Pannu who takes the cake. She doesn’t have much in the initial portions of the second half but later on, she rocks the show and how! Her dialogue delivery is exemplary and she says it with a lot of emotions. If she was great in Pink, she is outstanding here in Mulk! Manoj Pahwa has a very important part and would surely be talked about. Ashutosh Rana plays his evil part very well. At many places, you’ll feel like beating him to a pulp! Rajat Kapoor looks a no-nonsense officer completely and as usual is too good. Prateik Babbar, Kumud Mishra, Neena Gupta and Prachee Shah Paandya also leave a mark. When the list of top 5 films of 2018 at the end of the year is made, Mulk would definitely be there, in my list for sure!

My rating - **** ½ out of 5!