Natasha Coutinho (MUMBAI MIRROR; August 14, 2017)

In a recent interview to Mirror (July 24) Sidharth Malhotra had revealed that he has recently taken up urban rappelling, which is not just about jumping but also about body posture, balancing body weight and learning the smoothest and safest landing process... “Climbers use the technique when the cliff is too steep and dangerous.Likewise for a free fall from a tall building,“ explained the actor who has done some daredevil stunts for his upcoming film, A Gentleman.

Sidharth, who has grown up playing rugby and football, and over the last few years has indulged in adventure sports like sky-diving, deep water-diving and sky-walking, now reveals that he has plans to bring them to India. Typically cautious and not wanting to skid down pellmell, he says that his team is trying to tie up with a city or a state to promote it as the place for adventure junkies. “It needs to have an uphill terrain ideal for mountain climbing or a fast-flowing river where you can go water rafting or even something like ziplining,“ he says, quick to add that committed guidance and expertise is a must. “That's on my radar. It would be great if India has a location or a holiday resort where you can do all these activities. When on a vacation I like to get out and do physical activities.“ The six-foot, outdoorsy actor informs that when he was in Kashmir recently for his film Aiyaary, he went cycling. “I went cycling in Europe too. Both these places look the same and have amazing climate,“ he exults.

Sidharth Malhotra and his A Gentleman co-star Jacqueline Fernandez were on Remo D'Souza's dance reality show Dance Plus on Sunday, when the 32-year-old actor was put in a spot. It wasn't long before one of the more inquisitive participants on the show, the girls dance group House Of Suraj, requested him to strip on stage as they wanted to touch his abs. Sidharth turned red with embarrassment but obliged his fans. It was a good day indeed on the sets of the reality show, if only for the young participants of the show.