Smilie Suri opens up about trouble in her marriage with Vineet Bangera
Neha Maheshwri (BOMBAY TIMES; July 12, 2017)

Sometimes, just love is not enough to save a marriage; clash of ideologies, perspectives and backgrounds can also drive a wedge between couples. And that's what seems to have happened between Smilie Suri and her husband Vineet Bangera.

BT has it that the two, who got married tin 2014, hit a rough patch in their relationship almost a year ago. For the past six months, they have been staying separately, hoping that time and distance will iron out their differences. Their families have also been intervening.

Informs a source close to the estranged couple, “It's a classic case of two different individuals coming together and trying to make things work between them. Despite efforts, Smilie and Vineet couldn't be on the same page. They even began staying at Smilie's flat, but Vineet moved back to stay with his parents. They have always been together since their marriage. Staying separately will help them understand themselves and their relationship better.“

Smilie says, “Every relationship goes through ups and downs. I grew up without a mother and so, don't know the ways of an Indian marriage. I come from a background where we make relationships work, no matter what. My marriage is going through some teething problems, but we are still together. We have decided to stay away and give each other space. It has been a wise decision, as it has helped us grow individually. I am hoping that distance will bring us closer. The marriage isn't over from my end and I still love Vineet. Together, we will make it work.“

Vineet didn't respond to our text message.