Kamya Panjabi reacts to her bare-back pic being deleted from a photosharing website
Seema Mattoo (BOMBAY TIMES; July 12, 2017)

It's the curious case of the missing picture. Kamya Panjabi was left shocked and perplexed a couple of days ago, when a bare-back photograph she had posted on a photo-sharing website got deleted. Surprisingly, no other photo shared by the actress on it had been touched.

While speculations were rife that Kamya had deleted the pic herself after undergoing a change of heart, she strongly denied it on Twitter. Her post read, “...News articles claiming my unsure mind led to impulsive upload of nudity and hence took it off. Never posted something I never believed in. Never took off something I once posted. Wore my heart and scares on my sleeves with pride. Happy hacking happy hating (sic).“

Later, she also posted: “I did not take off a bare piece of clothing off my back. I bared the innermost corners of my soul...!!! (sic)“. Interestingly, Kamya hashtagged the tweet `#iknowUknowmypassword' implying an insider's hand.

Refusing to divulge more details, she told BT, “I don't understand the motive behind deleting one particular post. Is it jealousy or insecurity? I don't know. Mere photo se, caption se, kis cheez se dar gaye, I don't know. No one can dominate me. In fact, jitna rokoge, utna main aage badhungi.“