Akshaye Khanna
MID-DAY (July 3, 2017)

Akshaye Khanna’s two-decade -long career is testimony to the fact that he is a fantastic performer. Even though he has never craved attention, he admits that in a profession like acting, dealing with the lack of love is difficult. The star believes that an artiste eventually only wants his work to be appreciated.

“Deep down, that’s all you really want,” he says, adding, “You may not be comfortable with certain forms of appreciation or love, but you do want it. Once appreciation, work, love or attention starts slipping away, it’s terrible. As much as I say I am uncomfortable with too much attention, in essence, that’s what I, and every artiste, works for.”

When asked if he fears being forgotten, Akshaye says, “Yes. The profession of acting is such that it leaves your entire career open to people... It’s got nothing to do with you.”

He adds that actors are constantly in search of talented people — writers, directors or co-stars — since they help enhance his performance on screen. “The insecurity here [for an actor] is that I can only perform and excel, if work is given to me. For an actor, the entire quest, from morning to night, over years and decades, is to surround himself with the best talent. This process goes on every day, till the day your career ends.”

Akshaye will next be seen in Ravi Udyawar’s Mom, also featuring Sridevi, and Abhay Chopra’s Ittefaq, alongside Sidharth Malhotra.