Anil Kapoor
Sonil Dedhia (MID-DAY; July 17, 2017)

In 2015, Anil Kapoor had announced that he is adapting the hit American sitcom Modern Family for Indian television. However, there was silence around the project post that, which led to hushed whispers that the adaptation had been shelved.

Now, in conversation with midday, Kapoor refutes the rumours, confirming that India will definitely get its desi Modern Family. Stating that he had put the show on the backburner as he had gotten busy with his film projects, the actor says he is now ready to focus on the show and bring it to Indian screens as soon as possible. “The contracts are all done and I can proudly say that everything is on paper now. We will lock everything by the year-end and hopefully, start rolling by early next year,” he said.

The American sitcom revolves around three families in California as they deal with daily-life events in their quirky way, resulting in hilarious situations. Starring Ed O’Neill and Sofia Vergara, the laugh riot has won numerous awards over the years.

Kapoor is no stranger to American sitcoms. The actor, 60, brought the popular thriller 24 to India in 2013, where he played Anti-Terrorist Unit officer Jai Singh Rathore, aka the Indian version of Jack Bauer. Having received a positive response to the first two seasons, Kapoor now plans to start work on the third edition of 24. “Both the seasons received a fantastic response and we are kicked to start work on the third season. The plan is on, but at this time, all I can say is we are definitely coming out with a new season.”