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TUBELIGHT grossed 19.75 crore nett on its second day which is a little down from Friday but pretty much flat collections. The two day business of the film is around 40.50 crore nett which is a good number but not for this film as the expectations are much higher. Ideally the film needed that little growth on Saturday but it has not come. It would have helped if the collections went up rather than down. Big growth pre Eid was going to difficult but it had to repeat what KICK did when released in same period. That film managed in 2014 managed to add around 2% on Saturday while this film has dropped 5% on Saturday.

The surprise is mass pockets as here the reports are not good due to the slow pace of the film and Salman Khan going against his image. A 10-15% drop would have been the norm here have but the drop is just 5% with the Gujarat/Saursahtra belt even showing growth. This could be due to the fact as some of these mass places did not start huge big on day one and with pre Eid, the collections are going up and down. The other circuit to show growth is Mysore while East Punjab which has no pre Eid effect dropped 8% from a good  start on Friday. The trend in East Punjab puts a real big number out of the question but if it can show a 3 crore nett on Sunday the film still may manage a decent run. Most circuits are going to do well till Wednesday and even Thursday but the figures in East Punjab on Tuesday will tell where this film is going as by Friday it will be behaving how East Punjab behaves on Tuesday.

The opening is below expectations but there is the Muslim audience still to come post Monday and for the film to post a decent final number this audience has to turn up post Monday. It will also be crucial to have growth on Sunday as if the film is unable to grow then the writing will be on the wall.