Upala KBR (DNA; June 13, 2017)

Last year, director Ram Gopal Varma and actor Vivek Oberoi met to talk about a sequel to their 2002 superhit crime-thriller and Vivek’s launch vehicle, Company. The actor is said to have liked the script so much that he came on board as a producer for the trilingual (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil) film to go on floor this year.

Vivek confirms, “RGV was making Sarkar 3, so we had to take a break from our plans to make Company sequel. I’ve just returned after shooting Vivegam and I’m busy with promotions for Bank Chor. After this, I’ll sit down with RGV to create a strategy for moving forward with Company 2.”

However, Vivek will be in for a rude shock when he finds out that RGV has no plans of making the sequel! When quizzed, the director said, “That was just an idea and there’s been no discussion after that. No one was really clear about it, but I am definitely not going to make it.”