Excited about bouncing back after being away from the limelight for two years, Yo Yo Honey Singh talks about how he's been honing his skills
Soumya Vajpayee Tiwari (MID-DAY; June 27, 2017)

It's hard to get in touch with Yo Yo Honey Singh, especially after the singer opened up about his struggle with bipolar disorder in January. But when manage to connect with him, he makes some interesting revelations about his craft.

"When I started making tunes years ago, I only had a harmonium. I would practise all my melodies and songs on it," he says, as we begin to wonder how his upbeat numbers, like Blue Eyes, Lungi Dance, Dope Shope and Angrezi Beat, would sound on the harmonium.

"Over the years, working on the harmonium became a habit. I believe that if a melody sounds good on the harmonium, it comes alive when it's made later."

The world over
Singh has been away from the music scene for over two years, and admits that he spoke about his disorder since he wanted his fans to know the reason behind his absence from showbiz. He was honing his skills while he was away, but now, he is excited to make a comeback.

"I was listening to melodies from across the globe. I've developed an eclectic taste and love for music from different countries," says Singh, who enjoys music particularly from Peru and Argentina.

Ready to roll
The rapper has been spending almost eight hours in the studio every day to create new music. "I have been working on a few tunes, which will release soon."