Anil Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor
Mohar Basu (MID-DAY; June 21, 2017)

Set to feature in a double role again after his 2013 thriller 'Aurangzeb', Arjun Kapoor says filming for 'Mubarakan' was more challenging. Talking about his upcoming comedy, which pairs him with chachu Anil Kapoor for the first time, Arjun says, "Playing a double role is far more difficult when you are doing a comedy, because timing is crucial in this case. While technology can help, it is the performance that has to be bang on. This isn't about mistaken identity, I had another co-star, myself. I have spent so much time talking to myself in this film that I could easily pass off as crazy. It required more effort, since in the scenes which required both my characters to be present, I had to first perform with the actors, and then with tennis balls, which would replace them (as markers)."

Though the actor would often find relief in a body double, he often found himself performing the same scene with a different perspective. "It was complex but the VFX was done well. As a team, we have done a fabulous job with the double role. It looks authentic."

Arjun says Anil's 'Kishen Kanhaiya' (1990), which saw the actor in a double role, is among his favourite films.