BOMBAY TIMES (June 29, 2017)

India has voted and chosen the Times 50 Most Desirable Women 2016. The votes received online on, along with the internal jury votes, decided the final 50 on this coveted list. And this year, we have none other than Srinidhi Ramesh Shetty, who made India proud by winning not one, but two international pageant titles, in the top slot. The stunner from Bengaluru competed with 80 participants from across the globe and was crowned Miss Supranational 2016 and Miss Asia & Oceania 2016, becoming the only girl to have won both the titles in the same year. Recently, she was one of the presenters at The International Emmy Kids Awards, held in Cannes. She has everything working in her favour - beauty, brains and style. BT gets chatting with Srinidhi...

You are not only the Most Desirable Woman in Bengaluru this year, but you have also topped the national list. Has it sunk in yet?
I don't think it will ever sink in. I was so delighted when my name appeared on the Bengaluru regional list along with some of the greatest women who I admire. To even have my name up there with all the amazingly talented women was by itself a great achievement. And then, when I was voted as a topper nationally, I thought this is it, a miracle has happened. This is surreal.

Which qualities of yours do you think make you desirable?
I think it's much more than just my physical appearance. I strongly believe this is a recognition and appreciation that is bestowed upon those who represent India internationally. So, I dedicate this honour to all those men and women who have, and will, represent India.

You were pitted against some of the most prominent actresses...
Yes, but for me, this is not victory, but a most humbling experience. I think what's most important now for me is to live up to this massive expectation.

Who, according to you is the most desirable man and woman in the country?
I think everyone is very special and gifted with some amazing qualities. So, when all of them are so unique and talented, to select one will be unfair on my part. Most importantly, I can't judge those I admire and look up to.

What qualities in a man attract you?
It's humility, honesty and dedication towards his goals in life.

You have been crowned Miss Supranational 2016; you also won the title Miss Asia & Oceania 2016. What do you think worked in your favour?
It was the hard work that had gone into the preparation for the beauty pageant, all the way till the final moment. It became possible because of the brilliant team that worked tirelessly so that I could win the crown.

You are making your debut in the Kannada film industry with Yash, one of the biggest actors there. Was acting always on your mind?
Yes, I am debuting with one of the biggest stars and that's an amazing opportunity for a novice like me. Acting was never my career option. I didn't believe I could act. It was the confidence of my director that encouraged me to take up this project. I just hope and pray that I do a good job and the movie goes on to be successful.

Your title commitments must be keeping you busy. How do you make time for social life?
I don't have a social life. When you enter this field of creativity and competitiveness, some things take a backseat. So for now, I'm completely occupied with my projects and commitments as a reigning Supranational and I am thoroughly enjoying it.