Natasha Coutinho (MUMBAI MIRROR; June 26, 2017)

Ashish Chowdhry is returning to the small screen with the curiously-titled investigative thriller, Dev Anand. The show will focus on the life of the detective, Dev Anand, who uses his intricate observation and deduction skills to solve unsettling mysteries.

Speaking about the title, the 38-year-old actor says, “When I first heard it, it baffled me. I wondered how it would make sense. But there are certain quirks of the character that one may relate with the late actor. As you live the character because of the legendary status attached with the name, it grows on you.”

Speaking about fiction on the small screen, he says, “It always bothers me when I do TV. I know that kitchen dramas work, or shows centred around some kind of animal or romance. There are a bunch of exceptions and we have to be one of them. The action in our show is relatable and real. The cases we are solving are relatable. Dev Anand is so quirky, troubled, angry and rude, no one in the show will like him but the challenge is to make the audience like him. The last detective show that I remember is Karamchand and Byomkesh Bakshi.”

Ashish goes on to say that his son Agasthya was instrumental in helping him pick this show. “I made one mistake in my life by doing the movie Girlfriend. After that I decided I won’t do anything that my children won’t be happy to see. Even when it comes to films I’ve said no to a lot of projects where I would have to get ridiculed by big actors like say a Salman Khan or Ajay Devgn. I don’t want my kids to see daddy’s butt getting kicked by a big actor. My son is all of six but I narrate everything I’m offered to him because kids are the best audience an actor can have and he instantly picked Dev Anand. In fact they wanted my son to play the younger version of the sleuth but I said no because he’s too young to get into such things,” the actor signs off.