Renuka Vyavahare (BOMBAY TIMES; May 10, 2017)

While most Mumbaikars are going crazy about Justin Bieber coming to India, there are some who are not only amused by his fan following but are also trolling him for his list of demands. There are plenty, who cannot fathom the hype around the pop star's Indian debut concert.

We asked Sonu Nigam to share his opinion on it and he said, “I am surprised people make fun of Bieber. He is the most trolled artist and yet year after year he has been proving people wrong. People have been trolling him since he was a child. Kitne mean hotey hain log. Bacche ko bhi nahi choda. He is a billionaire and there is a reason why he is doing so well. It has to be his talent. Why should I not like him? He is a good singer and definitely not fake as far as his singing is concerned.“

While a lot has been said about Justin Bieber's alleged demands and the infamous tour rider, that went viral on social media, Sonu reacted, “Dene waley de rahe hain na, toh humko kya problem hai? Why are we acting so ignorant and why are we so amazed at what Bieber has apparently asked for? Every singer who comes to India asks for these things. Purple curtains, satin beds... they have their quirks, it's their system. Even a Madonna or BeyoncĂ© would ask for it. This happens here too. I know of Indians who do it as well. Certain music composers demand a swimming pool facing suite if someone else gets it. I would never ask for it as we don't humiliate people who work with us like this. Do we stay in our homes like this? We don't, right? International artistes do it. This is their 'loudspeaker'. All I expect is a good sound system for my concert. Who has the time to enjoy Jacuzzi! The focus is always the voice.“

Sonu added that his son wanted to go for the concert as well but he won't be able to.