Manoj Muntashir
Very much your song, says director Mohit Suri in response to Manoj Muntashir's angry Facebook post
Letty Mariam Abraham (MID-DAY; April 19, 2017)

'Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga', the latest song from Mohit Suri's 'Half Girlfriend' has crossed two million views within a day of its release with critics raving about Mithoon's composition and Arijit Singh's rendition. But lyricist Manoj Muntashir is unhappy over not being acknowledged for crafting the romantic track.

Muntashir expressed disappointment in a Facebook post. Speaking to mid-day, he says, "It was written in 2001 and it was not a song. It was actually an urdu nazam. After my song Galliyan (Ek Villain) became a superhit, Mohit requested me for it [to turn Main Phir… into a song]. Mithoon composed the number and Arijit sang it to perfection. All that has been amicable. The real issue is that ever since people have been writing about the song, which is my brainchild, it has become 'Mithoon and Arijit have created a masterpiece'. My issue is with the system, which doesn't allow writers to get noticed… Maybe, Balaji [producers] is not pushing it. It is my song and no one has the authority to take away my name from it."

The lyricist has had a word with director Suri and Balaji folk about it and claims to have their "complete support". "They are not able to pinpoint the exact source of the problem. This song has become a rage, but my name is nowhere. In the world of cinema, if you forget a name, it's not a mistake; it's injustice."

Muntashir says the director has promised to make amends for the oversight. When we reached out to Suri, he said, "It is Manoj's song; no one is taking credit for it."