Farhan Akhtar
Akhtar lists the Bhojpuri movies he's binging on to prep for desi character from eastern India in his next film
Sonil Dedhia (MID-DAY; April 1, 2017)

Suave enactments in his sophisticated outings have often earned Farhan Akhtar accolades, and now the actor-filmmaker hopes a rustic demeanour for his upcoming drama, Ranjit Tiwari's Lucknow Central, will elicit similar response. Farhan, who plays an aspiring Bhojpuri singer, an ardent Manoj Tiwari fan in the film, binge-watched on a series of Bhojpuri films to prep for the part.

Confirming the news, the actor's spokesperson says, "Films like Banke Bihari MLA (2007), Dhamaal Kayla Raja (2011), Hamaar Devdas (2012) and Sasura Bada Paisawala (2004), among others, were on Farhan's list. Since he is playing an aspiring actor, who is a fan of Manoj Tiwari, Farhan wanted to get all the nuances right. He decided to watch the movies and understand the tonality of the language. He saw all of them in a week's time."

In the film, Farhan ends up behind bars due to unforeseen circumstances, and eventually starts a band with the other inmates. The first schedule was shot at a massive two acre set in Film City, and wrapped up last month. The unit is currently filming in Lucknow.

Baanke Bihari MLA