Justin Bieber with mother, Patricia Mallette. Pic/Getty Images
Shilpi Sampad (MID-DAY; April 12, 2017)

In 2015, Justin Bieber had termed his relationship with his mother, Canadian author and film producer Patricia Mallette, as ‘non existent’. He blamed their rocky relationship on his headline-making wild phase, which included an arrest. Last year, however, the 22-year-old pop star appeared to have made up with Pattie, who raised him single-handedly, with a Mother’s Day wish. Now, we hear, the Sorry hitmaker is bringing his mother to India to witness his Mumbai concert on May 10. Bieber’s India jaunt is in support of his fourth album, Purpose.

“Pattie is also part of the touring entourage and the organisers (White Fox India) are curating a bespoke experience for the entire crew as soon as they set foot in India. Like him, she too is intrigued by Indian culture and traditions. There will be two different teams attending to individual requirements of the mother- son duo,” says a source. Apart from making her stay comfortable, the organisers have proposed a tête-à-tête between Patricia and Twinkle Khanna, adds the source.

Pattie has authored inspirational books, one of which was a bestselling memoir titled Nowhere But Up (2012). Reportedly, her childhood was marred by sexual abuse and violence, starting as early as age three. She left home as a 16-year-old and gave birth to her superstar son a year later followed by a split with husband Jeremy Bieber a few months after that. Bieber, however, remains close to his dad.

Before Scooter Braun started managing Bieber’s work, Pattie was his manager. She too dabbled in music. Later, she exposed her son to piano and guitar lessons, posting videos of her son’s performances on YouTube, which eventually led him to become famous.