BOMBAY TIMES (April 4, 2017)

While actors are known to go an extra mile to prep for their roles, Arjun Kapoor made sure that he retained the authenticity not only while shooting Half Girlfriend, but also while dubbing for his part. The actor, who plays a Bihari lad, Madhav Jha, in the Mohit Suri directorial, went to stay in the North Indian state for 10-odd days before shooting began.

While there, he interacted with the locals to learn their dialect and mannerisms. He also hired a language coach to help him with the diction and also to understand how someone from Bihar, who is not fluent in English, would speak it.

Arjun got his language coach to accompany him for dubbing as well. A source says, “Arjun wanted authenticity in his dialogue and diction. He didn't want to take any chance during the dubbing.“