Prabhas in a still from Bahubali
Mohar basu (MID-DAY; April 15, 2017)

When you live a character for five years for reel, it is unlikely that you wouldn’t imbibe certain traits of it in life. For Prabhas, working on war-drama Baahubali has been taxing — both emotionally and physically. But there’s one aspect of his character that he’s taking home, literally — his archery training. Prabhas learnt the art for the magnificent war squences in the film, but what started as a requirement soon turned into a hobby. The actor, we hear, is setting up an archery range in his house.

Prabhas says, “The film introduced me to the sport, which soon became my passion. I was being trained by professionals from whom I continue to learn, even though the shoot is over.”

A source adds, “Prabhas learnt archery for several months as was required for both instalments of Baahubali. His interest grew. Now, he follows the sport whenever he gets time, even watching matches on YouTube and attending tournaments.”

Currently in the midst of promotions for the film, the actor has taken a break from the lessons. He intends to resume his training once he returns to Hyderabad.