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RANGOON had a very low opening day of 4.75-5 crore nett as per early estimates which makes it tough for the film considering this came with the aid of Mahashivatri which helped collections in the North. The film was not expected to open well due to the promos, music and cast but still it should have done more than it has got. The film recorded very low collections all over but the performance in Delhi/UP and East Punjab was better due to Mahashivratri. But there is a flip side as these circuits have strong growth on Saturday and now the growth may be less compared to other places due to the bump up in collections on Friday. Mumbai is just a little higher than Delhi/UP when Mumbai should be 50% ahead.

A film like this needs the actor to bring something to the table but the problem here is that Saif Ali Khan has never been much of a draw barring films with the top heroines of the time or double/multiple hero films and Shahid Kapoor has pretty much eroded whatever following he had with the youth with bad films like HAIDER and UDTA PUNJAB. So when the promos don't appeal and actors have no pulling power you get results like RANGOON. Its just seven weeks and now two big films have disappointing big time in terms of opening, KAABIL and RANGOON. KAABIL may have an excuse as it clashed with RAEES but there is no such issue with RANGOON.

There is the weekend still to come and the film may get growth over Saturday and Sunday but it will be a surprise if it gets the growth it needs to comeback into the box office picture again.
RANGOON could not get any growth on Saturday as collections were similar to Friday. This was always likely to happen as though Friday was very low it was still aided by Mahashivratri which helped collections in some parts and these areas could not grow on Saturday. There was limited growth in some circuits but this film needed 60-70% growth just for some respectability. The business on Saturday seals its fate and even Monday is irrelevant now. The business of RANGOON over the first two days is as follows.
Friday - 5,06,00,000
Saturday - 5,00,00,000 apprx
TOTAL - 10,06,00,000 apprx

The Friday business was a kick in the teeth to the actors from the audience and although none are major factors at the box office, a combined effort at least should have yielded better results. Then the Saturday business was a kick in the teeth for the director as it means complete rejection of the film.

The Shahid Kapoor/Vishal Bhardwaj combination must be one of the worst in history actor/director combos in history. This is partly to do the fact that they got to make three films. Normally a combo that does not get results does not manage to get 3 films but here corporate backing allowed this to happen.

KAMINEY got 68 lakh people to the theatre, then HAIDER got 44 lakh and RANGOON may well get less than half audience of HAIDER. On top KAMINEY and HAIDER had no shell life - once out of theatres they were forgotten films with disaster results on television and eventually these things tell and here it has told on RANGOON. Going by HAIDER and RANGOON, a film like KAMINEY actually looks a blockbuster.
RANGOON had a very dull weekend as it opened poorly and was flat over weekend with collections being less on Saturday and Sunday and Sunday being lowest. The first day was the best day. The film collected 14.25-14,50 crore nett over its first weekend. The weekend business is in the range of films like SANAM RE, RAAZ REBOOT and KYAA KOOL HAIN HUM 3 from last year and that pretty much tells the story of the film. The poor opening you can get away with as films have jumped 60-70% and even more on Saturday but here that was not even close to happening. The film may see normal drops on the weekdays but that will be not much as collections are so low. The business of RANGOON over the weekend was as follows.
Friday - 5,06,00,000
Saturday - 4,75,00,000
Sunday - 4,50,00,000 apprx
TOTAL - 14,31,00,000 apprx

The film will have repercussions for the actors and director as it happened with the likes of BOMBAY VELVET and MOHENJO DARO. The film may end up with lifetime business similar to a film like OK JAANU. The cast of Rangoon may not be the saleable type but you would put the Shahid Kapoor/Kangana Ranaut/Saif Ali Khan combo ahead of Aditya Roy Kapoor/Shraddha Kapoor and on top RANGOON is a bigger film and OK JAANU clashed with XXX: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE and Pongal releases down South. Despite this the results of both films will be similar unless there is some sort of miracle on Monday for RANGOON.
RANGOON had an epic crash on Monday as collections fell around 70-75% from the first day. The weekend was very low so normally a film would have a normal drop and hold at low levels over the weekdays but this film has faced the sort of rejection that has not been seen lately. BOMBAY VELVET, FITOOR, MIRZYA and ROCK ON 2 are among the biggest disasters of all time but none of them crashed like this on Monday. BROKEN HORSES is the granddaddy of disasters but that had no collections to talk off so that could not even crash.

The rejection on Monday is unprecedented but it was probably coming as the Shahid Kapoor/Vishal Bharadwaj combo had two rejected poor films in KAMINEY (2009) and HAIDER (2014) so you should not really be trying your luck the third time as this sort of result will be around the corner. The costs got these two films to be made but the public rejection could be clearly seen in the collections. The other hero Saif Ali Khan also had a widely rejected film with the director OMKARA (2006) but did not learn the lesson that the main hero of that film Ajay Devgn probably did at the time. Its actually hard to put into words what has happened to RANGOON - there are debacles and disasters but this sort of rejection is a rare case. The business of RANGOON till date is as follows.
Friday - 5,06,00,000
Saturday - 4,75,00,000
Sunday - 4,50,00,000
Monday - 1,25,00,000 apprx
TOTAL - 15,56,00,000 apprx