Natasha Coutinho (MUMBAI MIRROR; March 20, 2017)

Last week the poster of Sridevi's upcoming film, Mom, which features a side profile of her with the title written in several languages in chalk, was unveiled to applause from her Bollywood friends. Incidentally, it was soon followed by a poster of Raveena Tandon's next, Maatr ­The Mother, and caught our eye for its striking resemblance to Sridevi's.

While Boney Kapoor, who has produced Mom, chose not to comment, Maatr producer Anjum Rizvi termed it a mere co-incidence. “Our poster was designed much earlier, when the film was planned. It's a coincidence that it's similar to Mom. It's not like we designed it after seeing the other poster. This concept was with us from day one. In fact, our film was initially called The Mother but we changed it to Maatr ­The Mother because the title was not available,“ he told Mirror.