The actor, who was trolled for his tweets, which seemed like they were aimed at Kangana, denies any such intent
Rachana Dubey (BOMBAY TIMES; March 2, 2017)

On Tuesday noon, Shekhar Suman tweeted about a certain cocaine-headed actress carrying the burden of her non-existent stardom, which created havoc on social media. In a matter of hours, he and his son Adhyayan were being trolled by Kangana Ranaut's fans on the microblogging website, thanks to the disturbing past the trio has shared ever since her breakup with Suman Junior. Adhyayan and Shekhar also lashed out at the trolls.

Shekhar, who is currently shooting for Bhoomi with Sanjay Dutt in Agra, tells BT, “A tweet is just a manifestation of emotions within a person. There are times when you write one and times when you don't write one. There is no specific reason for writing or not writing something. Many things rankle in your head. This was a general tweet about actors, it could be an actress also, who think they drive the world and are completely self-obsessed. My tweet was not directed towards Kangana. It was meant for the vanity of some people who carry their non-existent greatness on their shoulders. The universe has its ways of teaching them a lesson. They need a reality check. An answer must come from above and it comes silently. Cocaine was just a metaphor for heady success. I don't know who consumes cocaine and who doesn't.“

The actor and his son were trolled by Kangana's fans, who assumed that Shekhar was referring to her in his tweets. He explains, “I know they connected the tweets to Kangana, but it's their interpretation. Everything is open to interpretation in this world. It's about how you construe it. I don't care about trolls.“

He adds, “If they are so concerned about an artiste, they should patronise their artiste's films and save their matinee idols instead of whiling time on social media. Trolls are paid, insignificant twits. People have 150 accounts which are used for trolling. Why should they be taken seriously? And I will not play the good guy anymore. Some people only understand the language of aggression.“

As for Adhyayan's participation in the exercise, he says, “He reacted; as my son, he wasn't expected to sit and watch from the sidelines, right? What he did was natural.“ We reached out to Kangana's manager for her side of the story, but didn't get a response till we went to press.