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COMMANDO 2 (Hindi) had a low first weekend of 13.25 crore nett as it could not grow over the weekend. These types do struggle for growth but if you want to go anywhere then from an opening of 4 crore plus you have no choice to grow as occupancy is low and potential to grow is there. If the opening is higher then you can get away with a drop on Saturday. Even today these sort of films can still work on the strength of single screens but not at 35-40% occupancy levels, they have to be liked there and record higher occupancy. The collections are just 2 crore more than the last Commando film in 2013 and the budget is much higher. The business of COMMANDO 2 (Hindi) till date is as follows.
Friday - 4,25,00,000
Saturday - 4,00,00,000
Sunday - 5,00,00,000
TOTAL - 13,25,00,000
Hollywood release LOGAN managed to score over COMMANDO 2 over the weekend but the film could have trended better over the weekend. Still the weekend numbers are decent and and if the weekdays hold it become an AVERAGE earner. The business of LOGAN in its first weekend are as follows.
Friday - 4,25,00,000
Saturday - 5,00,00,000
Sunday - 6,00,00,000
TOTAL - 15,25,00,000