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COMMANDO 2 (Hindi) had so so collections on day one as it picked up a little at multiplexes in the evening. The film grossed 4 crore nett on the opening day which is not bad. Its actually good if compared to the 5 crore nett of RANGOON last week which was a much bigger film. The problem is the pick up in the evening was very limited and the film is probably 1 crore lower than it should have been to really give it a good chance at the box office. The film was always likely to find it tough going in the metros and the reports from mass centres don't really seem to be there. It will need to grow around 20-30% on both Saturday and Sunday to have a decent weekend but it remains to be seen if that can happen.

The best business for the film came in Nizam/Andhra, CP Berar and CI while it was poor in the Mumbai city, Delhi city and other metros. COMMANDO 2 also had a dubbed version in Tamil and Telugu but that fared very poorly with collections of just 5 lakhs nett.

LUV SHUV PYAR VYAR and JEENA ISI KA NAAM HAI had no collections to talk about though the latter fared better

The Hollywood release LOGAN is the first real surprise of the year as it grossed a healthy 4 crore nett apprx on day one which is higher than anyone would have expected. The collections are on par with COMMANDO 2 and it could go on to have a better weekend than the Hindi film.