Mom Ayesha and sister Krishna Shroff are dismissive of RGV’s comments; he has since apologised
Upala KBR (DNA; March 6, 2017)

On Thursday night, Ram Gopal Varma wished Tiger Shroff on his 27th birthday by taunting him for posing for a photograph coming out of the sea wearing just a pair of jeans.

The filmmaker even suggested that the young actor learn machoism from his father, who is acting in Ramu’s upcoming film Sarkar 3. Jackie flatly refused to comment on Ramu’s tweets, while Tiger’s mother Ayesha and sister Krishna were initially reluctant to talk about Ramu’s rant. But they eventually opened up.

Says Ayesha, “I was taken aback at the nastiness of his (Ramu’s) rant. It didn’t upset Tiger one bit. I don’t understand what the whole rant was about in the first place. What triggered it off? We have nothing to say about Ramu. But I would like to add this — I don’t understand why we still loosely use these outdated terms like ‘gay’ for defining somebody’s style. The world has evolved so much and everybody has their own individual, personal and artistic expressions. To me, a real man is one who knows how to treat a woman with respect and I have two in my life — Jackie and Tiger.”

Krishna says, “I don’t want to waste my time on pointless negativity. It’s absolutely irrelevant in our lives. I know that Tiger’s beyond such things. I am extremely protective of him, but only when I need to be. Tiger’s birthday was such a positive and happy day, I honestly laughed when I read Ramu’s tweets. Sounded like a big joke to me and wasn’t worth my time or energy. Do I think mocking Tiger was fair? To each their own. Whatever floats his boat (smiles). A real man knows how to be respectful and is kind to all, so in that case, Tiger is the ultimate man!”