BOMBAY TIMES (March 19, 2017)

Anushka Sharma, we hear, had one strict diktat for her production crew during the shoot of her upcoming venture, Phillauri. Since the harvesting period in Punjab was falling during their marathon schedule, the actress-producer had instructed her team to not damage the wheat crop in the fields.

Being the conscious citizen that she is when it comes to nature and animals, Anushka told her team to make narrow pathways so the crops didn't get damaged while they shot there. Even though the owners of the fields permitted them to make broader ways into the fields to facilitate the movement of the team and their equipment, Anushka didn't want to take that freedom for granted. Not only did the production team ensure that the crop didn't suffer any damage but also made sure that the locals were included in the team. Every wish of the villagers was also taken into consideration.

Her brother Karnesh, who's producing the movie with the actress, confirms saying, “The harvest season is the most important time for the farmers. We were well aware of their sentiments while shooting just after Baisakhi last year. So, we had informed everyone from the team not to damage the wheat crop in any way and to use very narrow pathways in the fields.“